Version 0.1.0 preview

Version 0.1.0 is ready for testing, still waiting for the last (6th) scene’s art tho. I decided to post a quick summary of the current content, before November 1st which is the planned release date:  

5 scenes (if you count in the starting one) with 29 images, 7.5k words and 11 quests. This release also has new features, some of which I already showed in 0.0.5 hotfix, but let’s review them:  

Scene album – now you can replay your favorite scenes via a book on the second floor of your keep. It also allows you to check your progress and see if there are scenes to unlock in the current content pack. Don’t worry if you started playing before the album. Simply replay the scene in the album and it will add up to your total score.  

Save/Load/Delete option for your saves right in the in-game menu. Just because exiting to the title so you can use load function is a pain in the rear. Now you can manage your saves without the need to hop between different screens.  

Sleep function. Players asked for a place to recover their strength and prepare for future adventures. Using your bed or an inn fully restores your party including KO’d characters. You can sleep inside your room in the castle or visit two inns – one in the Townsville’s main area and another one in the port.  

There is a lot of new stuff and minor fixes/adjustments from the 0.0.5 version but I’ll post the full changelog on the release date. Thanks for tuning in!

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