Version 0.0.5(early) -> 0.1.0 full changelog

Version 0.0.5(early) -> 0.1.0 full changelog

Total summary: 1h+ for the complete clear. 6 scenes (if you count in the starting one) with 36 images, 7.5k words, 10 custom soundtracks and 11 quests. 0.1.0 has the first of the group scenes with several girls, Nidalee and Ahri this time.  

You can get the update here. 0.1.0 version will be released to the public access November 22nd.  


The first of teleportation crystals sits between the Townsville and the port area. Use it to cover the ground faster and check what’s new in your keep. There will be more in upcoming updates because no one wants to waste time just to get to their camp.  

The functional second floor of the keep. Now you can talk with your companions about recent events, participate in party banter; get to know your teammates better and even unlock scenes.  

Scene album – now you can replay your favorite scenes via a book on the second floor of your keep. It also allows you to check your progress and see if there are scenes to unlock in the current content pack. Don’t worry if you started playing before the album. Simply replay the scene in the album and it will add up to your total score. Oh, and don’t forget you can use Enter to skip the dialogues.  

Decisions and consequences. In the 0.1.0 players will get their hands on the second shard of power and you will decide what to do with it: use it yourself or give it to the spirit in the orb. Both ways influence what skills and options you’ll get down the road. All the remaining shards will use the same decision mechanism.  

Various user interface tweaks like Save/Load/Delete option for your saves right in the in-game menu. Just because exiting to the title so you can use load function is a pain in the rear. Now you can manage your saves without the need to hop between different screens.  

The first puzzle/mini-game in the dungeon. I want to add more optional yet interesting stuff further in the game, so it will be more than “stab ‘em all” simulator. More on this in the upcoming development plans.  

Sleep function. Players asked for a place to recover their strength and prepare for future adventures. Using your bed or an inn fully restores your party including KO’d characters. You can sleep inside your room in the castle or visit two inns – one in the Townsville’s main area and another one in the port. You can find the right buildings by the sign above the door.  

Fixes and improvements 

Fixed possible screen flicker after using AOE skills on some video cards. Yes, I’m mainly looking at you, Intel. 

Fixed an overlooked issue where you could start the cutscene in Hump’s mansion without speaking to the guard first.

Fixed a problem with Hump’s mansion quest part if player would leave the party rapidly after the opening cutscene.

Relocated some impassable map blocks in the castle to make it more comfortable for players. Plus, tweaked some of the older maps to look slightly better.

Evened up the volume level between combat and system sounds to be more consistent.

Fixed some typos and spelling errors. Thanks for reporting them!

Fixed some party skills and tweaked animations for them. Nidalee’s Focus now properly provides a small heal on use.

Quest NPC who reward you with an invite for Hump’s party no longer mention it during the dialogue if you already completed that part of the quest or have enough invites already.

Added more people to the Townsville both before and after Hump’s party to liven the place up a bit.

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