0.1.0 Public release and new art for Ahri’s first scene.

Hey guys! It’s time for 0.1.0 public release and today is a bit special. As I already mentioned in the previous post, we decided to upgrade the LoC’s art. 0.1.5 and all the later versions will come out with the new graphics, but it’s a long wait for our followers who are still deciding if they want to back us up. Yeah, the teaser is there yet it’s not the same. Well, long story short – we managed to rework Ahri’s first scene before 0.1.0 public release date so you can check out the art.  

Our patrons can get the hi-res version of the reworked scene here. It’s a separate archive for the convenience. Of course, it will be included in the upcoming full-art pack after 0.1.5 release.  

Looking forward to your feedback about the new art! I’ll give more details about the rework in the December’s development plans after 0.1.5 release for patrons. Stay tuned!


LoC 0.1.0b.zip 234 MB
Nov 22, 2017

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