League of Corruption v0.1.5 release and full chagelog

Whew, this month was quite a busy one. Aside from the usual new scenes, quests and parallax maps, I went further with puzzles and minigames. But let’s start with numbers and compare 0.1.5 with 0.1.0:  

6 scenes with 36 images -> 8 scenes with 57 images 

7.5k words -> 12.5k words

10 custom soundtracks -> 17 custom soundtracks

11 quests -> 15 quests

1+ hour for full clear -> 2+ hours for full clear  

You can get the fresh version here. The full changelog for 0.1.5:    


2 new scenes – one for Ashe and Ahri. I receive a lot of feedback about the small length of sex scenes, so I decided to go a bit further this time. Ahri’s scene is the largest one in the game both in word count and image variations. Let’s what you think about this one.  

Old, first scenes with Nidalee and Ashe got some love too. But it’s a part of old content updating, so I will go into more details in the upcoming December development plans around the 5th.  

Minigames and puzzles 

Starting out small - I created an optional sound puzzle which requires players to match the sound on the tubes. Judging by community reaction, I’ll try different approaches to puzzles. The next one is a card minigame – a simplified version of blackjack, which you can see on these screenshots.    

Card minigames can be interesting extra to the game and I want to add more of them in the future. Though, doing so will require some JS coding skill because the blackjack here is a nightmare to debug – a lot of repetitive code and other bad stuff due to RPGMaker’s limitations.

Using clear code will lift all the limits but I need time to learn it. Please, share your feedback on the minigames!  

Interface changes

Changed how skill costs display in the menus. Now, with an addition to the colored numbers, all costs have MP or TP. This way it’s more informative and colorblind friendly.

Added stats for all items so players can see what they buy before doing so.

Added a proper credit section for developers, CC assets authors and even some of the patrons ;)

Nidalee lost her MP bar since she doesn’t use it at all.  

Skill/Balance changes 

Lowered crit damage multiplayer from a nuclear strike to a stronger blow.

Increased resurrection priority so resurrected characters could be affected by heals on the same turn. Nobody likes to die twice in a row.  

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with Ahri’s equipment slots – she can equip all the standard items now.

Fixed a bug with a shimmering picture just before you load on some maps.

Nidalee lost her MP bar since she doesn’t use it at all.

Finishing Ahri’s quest now properly give credit for the first step in the journal. This is a pure cosmetic change.

Fixed an album bug with Ahri x Nidalee groupy scene. It now properly plays through the album with all images.

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