MacOS version release and public "Improve this" poll

As I mentioned in December’s development plans League of Corruption is coming to additional platforms. Version for MacOS is ready for download. *nix deployment will be available later – still need to fix some issues there before releasing it. I also finished the first part of text enhancing and proofreading so both patron and public versions are updated. Plus, this version got additional intro cutscene for new game in my efforts to fix the start and make it more enjoyable.  

Updated the first post with fresh links and detailed description of the game.  

In addition to all this, I want to ask which aspect of the game my players want to improve the most. Here’s a public poll – it will be great to hear your opinion.


LoC 0.1.0c - 334 MB
Dec 13, 2017
LoC 0.1.0c - 333 MB
Dec 13, 2017

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