LoC 0.2.0 patchnotes

Hello guys! 0.2.0 brings the regular content update but also one of the biggest features in League of Corruption so far – animated scenes but let’s start with usual numbers:

8 scenes with 57 images -> 9 scenes with 59 drawn images, 1 scene is animated

12.5k words -> 18.1k words without counting PoV variations

17 custom soundtracks -> 21 custom soundtracks

15 quests -> 18 quest lines

2+ hours for full clear -> 3 hours for full clear

You can get the fresh version here. The full changelog for 0.2.0:

Art & Map update status

LoC gets a graphical update for Ashe’s first and second scenes, Nidalee’s first scene, starting “demo” scene and Ahri x Nidalee group scene. All mentioned scenes received an update to their HD variations in the art pack. I plan to finalize graphical rework in January.

Townsville’s pub and starting house got their parallax updates and look better know. I plan to increase the time for map reworking in the next update.


One new animated scene for Nidalee with three animation actions. Yes, just one for this update. Producing an animated scene for the first time proved to be a rather difficult task and I need to optimize internal processes a lot.

Let me be honest – it’s flawed in the current version and I’m looking for a fix. Speaking plainly RPG Maker chokes the number and size of pictures for animation and stutters until it cashes all of them. This calls for an early hotfix version as soon as I will be able to find a coder who will be able to help me with this.

Scratch that, I managed to convince RPG Maker to play full-scale animations will a lot of pre-caching and step-by-step loading. This gives a fluid motion at a cost of a text appear rate slowdown during a small caching window before playing animations. Consulted with two coder guys and as far as they can tell – this is the best RPG Maker can do in playing 720p animations without a plugin with JSON or frame packing support.  Also, I will try to reduce new release’s weight after new animation plugins will arrive for MV.

There will be more details and info about this in the upcoming development plans for January, I’ll just say that my goal is to fix the stutter and make it back to 2+ scenes per update as soon as tools and experience with animation will allow it.  

Switchable PoV for sex scenes

I received a lot of feedback from players who prefer a different PoV for scenes over LoC’s default 1st PoV. This feature allows you to pick your favorite out of three options: 1st as in “I did this.”, 2nd as in “You did this.” and 3rd as in “He did this.” All scenes and their album variations received minor adjustments and full support for this feature.

League of Corruption will ask you about your favorite style during the starting stage in the house. Also, players can change it in the castle (sparkling nightstand) or in the album on the second floor. You can switch PoV as many times as you please, the game will adapt to your choices. Old saves are fully compatible with this change - LoC defaults to 1st PoV if no option is selected explicitly at the moment.

Map variation feature

All of the maps which players visit several times during their playthroughs received variation updates. Now, these maps have a number of elements which will appear and disappear based on random counters and some of the player’s actions. This includes decorations, NPCs and animals/insects. You can check out the change in a relatively small map like an inn or pub where you can see most of not the entire map at once.

The goal of the variation update is to make LoC’s map less static and improve player’s experience. I don’t plan to tie quests to such “dynamic” NPCs. It’s silly. All of the changeable surroundings don’t affect the gameplay directly and serve as additional decorations.

Interface changes

Added shutdown button for both title and game menus. No more Alt+F4 or clicking on the window to quit.

I rewritten the album feature – checking the progress won’t force you to exit from the album and properly return you back to the choice options. Switching PoV in the album still requires an exit so RPG Maker can adapt to new options. Can’t find a way to circumvent this for now.

Still waiting for RPG Maker’s support to answer my ticket (3rd week counting at the moment) and hope to give you an answer about Linux execution issues in the development plans for January. Can’t guarantee anything though because it doesn’t depend on me directly – just a small heads-up.

Skill/Balance changes

Lowered the overall difficulty slightly by subtracting a bit of attack power from enemies. This is a temporary measure in response to feedback about LoC being too difficult to play. It’s not a permanent change just a quick fix before rolling out difficulty game setting feature with more tuning. More on this in the upcoming development plans for January.

Bug fixes

RPG Maker got a little wonky with all the parallaxing going on and decided that you don’t need to talk with NPCs over small obstacles like tables or counters. I convinced it otherwise. All NPCs in all parallax maps now can be accessed with a small obstacle between the player and NPC

Fixed a bug with the main menu’s track switching back to its original volume level which was higher than average for the game. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Townsville’s pub map now properly plays a different soundtrack from the rest of the village.

Added several passable blocks on parallax maps for better navigation.

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