LoC v0.3.0 release

0.3.0 is ready – you can get it here.

11 scenes, 3 animated scenes -> 12 scenes, 4 animated scenes

23.8k words -> 28.7k words without counting PoV variations.

23 custom soundtracks -> 27 custom soundtracks

22 quests -> 24 quests

Visit your castle’s courtyard after visiting Shadow Islands to get the new scene.

Arena challenge

Townsville’s pub received a very special guest who’s interested in inviting players to participate in Coliseum. The arena offers 5 levels of difficult enemies with an extra reward for completing the first league.

Animation changes

With Kadokawa’s very pleasant surprise – releasing 1.6.0 version of RPG Maker MV, I couldn’t finish integrating animation plugin in time for 0.3.0. Kadokawa outdid themselves with this one: crashes after 5-10 minutes of working in the editor, vanishing maps and events, crashing on assigning graphics – I actually may continue this list but you’ve got the idea.

The integration itself is pretty close to completion and it will allow for smoother animation with more variety of speed/movement options. Plus, I think it will allow bypass cashing stage for animations so they would play without any preparation. Anyways it needs further testing on live scenes and I can’t release it as is.

Oh, and in case anyone wanted to ask how my support ticket about Linux x86 is doing… Still waiting for the answer.

Balance changes

Adjusted some NPC enemy’s power across the board. Added more rewards for defeating elite guards.

Interface changes

Now you can switch difficulty, PoV or cache options anywhere you want via the main options menu. I split it into two categories – general and sound. The sound is self-explanatory and general has the usual always dash, memory switches plus all the options you had in the castle. All enemies and puzzles react to your choices instantly – you don’t need to leave your current location or restart the game.

Bugfixes and other improvements

Fixed water banks on some maps to allow birds and other flying NPC to pass over them and not dive under. Couldn’t check all maps – work in progress.

Fixed new equipment pieces – they were available only for Nidalee.

Fixed a misplaced layer in the castle outskirts map.

Fixed a bug which caused the first “into” scene forget about counting towards the overall clear of the album if players didn’t watch it later. Now the credit is properly awarded during the scene + at album’s opening. Thanks goes to Elyngas for finding this bug out.

That’s it, stay tuned for the news – I’ll make an info post about what’s going to happen next around 11th.

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