Ouroboros Syndrome v0.0.5 release

Whew! Ouroboros Syndrome is finally here! You can get the fresh version here.  I'll make a separate page for it on the blog a bit later - wanted to share the news first. 

v0.0.5 contains intro part of the game with two animated scenes and most of the active mechanics like crafting, weapon customizing, hacking, apartment upgrading, etc. You can get a feeling for all of them - some elements like crafting will be familiar to Yorna’s fans while others, like hacking, will be completely new. 

The biggest novelty compared to Yorna are fully animated scenes - from the first frame to the last one. These are based on Live2D technology and spiced up by the great art of your favorite artists! Hope you’ll like them.   

Ouro uses the same dress feature as Yorna did but with cyberpunk style and flavor. You can expect a dress poll to pop up pretty soon so players could pick their favorite and see it in the game. Yeap, just as we did with monster girls :)   

Get ready to acquire all kinds of skills from implant-based to combat hacking and pick your favorite gun with weapon-based special firing modes. Use all the tools to build your own playstyle. Yet be wary of your gun’s size. Smaller guns allow a sneakier approach while big dakkas favor direct combat - the choice is yours.  

Feel free to share your feedback, both positive and negative. Yorna’s players gave me several great ideas for improvement and I plan to keep the same “open doors” policy with Ouro. Leave a comment, send me a PM or contact me via an email (yeehawgames@gmail.com). All of these are valid options. Let’s make Ouro great together!  

As always, stay tuned for news and updates. I’ll post the developer’s plans and thoughts about Ouro’s immediate future on November 16th. See you there!

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