A downloadable Yorna for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A young mage from a noble family arrives at a distant castle to find it ruined and her sister missing. Will she able to recover lost monster girls and restore the peace with their power? What price will she have to pay?  

Ada, the female protagonist, is a prodigal mage with the ability to use monster girl's power as her own. Combine them to create your own play style from a powerful battle-mage to a delicate temptress. Will you overcome your enemies through force or make them into your toys? It's up to you!

Depending on your operation system, the game may need additional preparation to execute properly. Here are guides for MacOS and Linux. Windows doesn’t need any extra moves to run.

Yorna has a number of special controls for in-game features. You can check a quick summary here.

Install instructions

1 - Extract to the desired location.

2 - If running on non-Windows platform, check guides for MacOS or Linux.

3 - Check these instructions for special features' controls.

4 - Run the executable.


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I've been looking but i just cant find this Miko dress, no matter which way we go it just loops back to the start.

Well, you literally made a screenshot with the hint :) Psst, don't trust the foxes - they are playing tricks on you :P

Can I get a hint on how to get the geomancer chache in the nymph forest? I have no ideas

You need to use sound as a hint when you activate crystals in the zone. There are 2 caches and 2 trees to loot in total. Just experiment with the crystals - it's pretty easy.

Help me 2% more to finish it..

Btw i love this game.. Hopefully there are more like this in future

Check out optional activities like Octa churd, vagabond's camp and the village alchemist close to your castle. Also, the furballs got their own optional quest line recently. Talk to Ayane about learning kitsune ways after reached the Ikko island.

Where does this costume find Priestess? I finished 95% of the game ye

You need to dig up treasure using maps to get this dress.

???I need help

I've followed this game on and off since around version .3 and it's been exciting to see it getting updates again.

I'm running into a bug (or maybe I'm missing something) where no matter what I do, I can't trigger the non-slutty maid job scene. If slut level is too low, I can't access the mansion basement, and even if go in and use herbal tea to lower it once I'm there, only the duo scene will spawn if slut level is below 13. 13 or higher, and it's always the slutty maid job scene. 

Great job, and keep up the good work!

Thanks! It's actually random between two scenes in the upper right in the basement. It's decided upon you entering the zone. Lewd level of 10 or less is required to get the normal scene for both types.

Thank you for the reply!

I originally thought it must be random in some way, but trying to get it to swap seems impossible. If Lewd level is less than 10, you can't re-enter the basement if you exit; and if I leave and re-enter and then use herbal tea when the scene I want to trigger is there,  it seems to reset the area and swap over to the duo scene every time.

Is it correct that whether there is one client visible in the room or two before interacting with the door will tell you which scene is available currently?

(1 edit)

I just went to check if it's possible to reset the basement's scene with the herbal tea and it actually does so in the current version. Both processes use the same temporary variable to calculate their respective results and this is not intended behaviour.

Thanks for the tip - I'll fix this issue in the next version. And, yes, you are right about the guys in the room.

I'm glad that I could help, (and also that I wasn't just doing something totally wrong. xD)

Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

I noticed this too, so I got around this by consuming herbal tea after I entered the basement

I cant download Android Version. Pops up saying rpg maker mv then says app not installed. Can anyone help me???

Sometimes apk can arrive damaged if you use Wi-Fi to download it. I tested the last apk on my phone and it runs fine yet I use direct upload from my pc to place the apk on the mobile. Try again and see if the problem goes away, sometimes such problems occur with pretty big apk packages like Yorna's.

thank you

I defeated the subacu and the fire girl and the witch.  I don't know what to do now.  I need clues.

Just use the help function inside the "on-map" menu and Ada will give you a hint about what to do next.

I took the letter from the bone cave and received it often from the doctor.  I built and upgraded the castle.  I visited the people in the camp.  What should I do next?  I've been stuck in this part for 5 days already

Just as I mentioned in the previous post and if the screenshot you posted is correct, you need to get a fire crystal for Ayane the kitsune. She's the fox girl in the temple who will help Ada in her journey.

The crystal in the desert zone, the one before the puzzle map with a lot of roots/vines. Climb them down and open the chest. There's only one such map in the desert so you can't really miss it.

Ayane ?

Hello, is there anyone who guides me to the game with my fluent English?  thanks

Sure, ask away.

Xin chào, tôi bị kẹt ở đây

You need to get a fire crystal for Ayane the kitsune. It's in the desert zone one before the puzzle map with a lot of roots/vines. Climb them down and open the chest.

please excuse me. the developer of the final boss is not Alyosha, but a blunt-legged pederast lizard. there's nothing in his head but shit. me fuck until 60 level individual pump? I searched all the caches and treasures, improved everything that could be. and this motherfucker keeps sending me 4 bolts in a row. in the first stage of the battle. I eat cookies, compensate for the damage from the bitch of endless bolts, and pray that when I hit myself, I don't get a pussy in return.

Err... If I understand your message right, you have problems beating Yorna. You can decrease the damage she deals with lust attacks by lowering Ada's lewd level. Also, try equipping clothes or charms with more magical defense since her attacks are mostly magical.

Ты, алёшка глуповатая. When you make final boss, you on mind? Kakogo hyia yorna attaked me 4 H-strikes in a row? I can't stock up on cookies and potions. this shit kills for 2 hits.

Worth noting: Currently, due to only the Linux download being marked as to which OS it is for, the itch.io client refuses to let me download the Windows version from inside.

Thanks for the tip! I just fixed it and the client should use correct tags.

I don't know where to get the miko dress.  I went around all the maps, but I couldn't find it. I don't think the west side of the Crystal Mine is where I knew it.  Question through translator

The dress is inside the labyrinth-like zone in the deep mine. It's the same location you need to visit for the main quest from Hanako.

So, I'm wondering why I get more experience in my first file than my second file. I have the grey uniform and the same accessories on both files yet the first one gives more exp. Do you know why?

Most likely because you have grey uniform equipped in one of them. It needs to be on Ada to give bonus exp.

could you tell me the pass of the shady guy or where to find it? v1.1 plssssss

p.s. lovely game<3

Thanks! The shady guy password is a part of Master's or greater reward tier on my Patreon.

There's a bug, if you talk with the guard outside of the maid roalplay room, but decide not to do it you get the 300 gold anyway.

Thanks for the info. I'll fix it in v.1.1.5

Can I access the locked rooms in the Barron's mansion? Or are those going to be added later?

You spot the active rooms either by a client waiting inside or a guard standing right in front of the door like in the basement's case. Other rooms are more for the entourage at the moment but I may add something in the later.

First of all, i really like this game. Second; Are there any other games with this genre and lewd i can play while i wait for the new update? 

Prefferably a fantasy setting

I also get it if you want me to delete the post due to talking of other games, in that case lemme know

Try searching on Itch with the tags you prefer or try something like F95 forum. There's a lot of different games there both on RPG Maker and other platforms.

How do I unlock the domination scenes?

Defeat enemies only with lust magic like "Seduce" and "Lust Bolt" to get these.

How do I get lust magic/lewd magic what am I missing?

Use the dresses tolearn it like most of other skills in the game. Each dress has one - you can check it in its description.

does anybody know where the save file located at android?

How do you unlock the lab?

you gotta fix the castle

Any specific directions?

Visit the castle's workshop and buy "Full restoration" upgrade.

(1 edit)

It's in my workshop but buying it didn't do it, and I've already did the quest up to it.

It should though. Check the last position in the shop - you need that one. After that the lab option will appear in the castle's movement menu.

Hi, just wanted to tell you that i think the game is really cool! Looking forward to more updates.

Thank you ^^ Glad you liked Yorna :)

i think this game is truly amazing! i really love it

but i have one question: where does the first old map lead?

i was looking everywhere for it

Thank you ^^

This map shows you a place inside Mortimer's tower - the one in the snow mountains region on the first island. It's on the second floor where you can encounter night gaunt monster girls. If I remember it correctly, you'll need to solve the tower's puzzle to get there.

when will new update be

The easiest way to get this info is to check out release date reminder posts on the Patreon, like this one. You can find the latest one linked inside Yorna's description in the main Patreon post.

I update them with new releases each month so players could check when they can expect the new content pack to arrive.

what does strange statuette do?


Just as its description says - it's a part of something bigger. Namely, the best weapon in the game that has 3 stat options like the puzzle sword from the early game. v1.1.5 will bring the last piece for it.

Does anybody know where mithril ore i

It's a rare material. You'll get some from beating some bosses but the main way to get it is digging up the treasure via maps. The mithril will be in such caches roughly in the second part of the game story-wise.

thank yo

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uhmm is there any alternate links here?

im getting frustrated trying to download games in itch?

Edit: nevermind im dumb af

where do you go after you beat yorna help just says follow the fox girl past the forest to the local shrine no clue where to go

(1 edit)

After defeating Yorna you can proceed with the story and go to the new island. Use the teleporter in Ada's room and continue with the main quest.

How to get into the old map treasure

It's on the Ikko (the second one) island, in the pine forest. Most maps will show you the mark in the same region where you picked it up.

(1 edit)

I already beat the kitsune at the second island after that she said that I'm not ready yet,so how did i progress further?

If you are playing v1.05, it's the end for the main story content for that update. To check something like this, use the help function in the on-map menu. Ada will directly comment that you cleared all the main story content available and advice to check dev blog for news and updates.

Thank you

how do i go next? I tried all the orbs.

So far, you solved previous gates based on the hint orbs on the sides and this one is no different. You pick up the grey orb and there are no colors to mix with it. What color should it be?

Place a blank orb back on the pedestal and it will open.

How do I get the new versions to accept an older save file? or is that not a thing?

Of course, it is. Just copy your entire save folder into the new release to keep all your progress. You can use the previous release as a reference point on its location. All saves from all versions are compatible.

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