A downloadable Yorna for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A young mage from a noble family arrives at a distant castle to find it ruined and her sister missing. Will she able to recover lost monster girls and restore the peace with their power? What price will she have to pay?  

Ada, the female protagonist, is a prodigal mage with the ability to use monster girl's power as her own. Combine them to create your own play style from a powerful battle-mage to a delicate temptress. Will you overcome your enemies through force or make them into your toys? It's up to you!

Depending on your operation system, the game may need additional preparation to execute properly. Here are guides for MacOS and Linux. Windows doesn’t need any extra moves to run.

Yorna has a number of special controls for in-game features. You can check a quick summary here.

Updated 12 hours ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
AuthorYeehaw Games
GenreRole Playing
TagsFemale Protagonist, Hentai, monster-girl, NSFW, straight, Yuri
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

1 - Extract to the desired location.

2 - If running on non-Windows platform, check guides for MacOS or Linux.

3 - Check these instructions for special features' controls.

4 - Run the executable.


Yorna_1_2_5_Windows.zip 1 GB
Yorna.1.25.apk 1 GB
Yorna_1_2_5_Linux.tgz 1 GB
Yorna_1_2_5_MacOS.zip 1 GB

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I transferred my entire save folder to a newer build but when i started the game i couldn't load any of my previous saves so i started a new game and opened file menu thinking  it just wasn't accessible from normal game menu and the only thing left was an auto save of my new game. my gallery still has everything (not including the new h scenes due to new build). do i have to restart or is there a way to remedy this error?

I have a question about transfering save files. Do I transfer my entire old save file into the new safe file.  If so, its not working. Is there any additional steps that I missed?

You need to copy your entire save folder just as I mention in update posts.

I've played this game b4 and actually finished it and i thought that was the end of it. But what a suprise when you released new version of the game. Maybe I should go back and see whats new. Boi you sure love puzzles =]]

You are right, I planned to finish Yorna some time ago but was forced to resume the project and add extra content. As for the puzzles, I hope they add variation to the gameplay yet looks like some players hate these.

How to have sex with baron for the second time

It's one-time only but you can always use the gallery.

Hi! Just wanna ask, what's next to the pictures shown ? am I missing something or is it the current end ? 

Btw, love the game, especially the puzzles

Glad you liked Yorna ^^ Consider giving it a rating - this helps more people to see the game via ratings.

As for your question, yes, it is the end of the last public version. You can easily check such information through the "Help" function in the on-map menu.

I got the fire crystal so what should I do now

When you need some help with advancing quests, go to the on-map menu by hitting escape and select the "Help" function. Ada will tell you what you need to do next both for the main plot and optional tasks if you already found them.


Hi I need some help where can I find all the dresses?

You will get some dresses from the boss fights while others are puzzle rewards. Don't forget to use the treasure maps - some of them need digging to get. Also, visit Diana's dress shop in the first village. You can craft several clothes there.

thank you for the reply btw. I posted a comment on your newest youtube video could you answer me some of the questions there? Would really appreciate it.



Hi I need help with the boss Yorna!

Can someone give me tips or a strategy to fight Yorna?

She always 2 hits me. Do I need some sort of special amor specific level or something pls help.

ok nvm I got it fairy dress was a good strategy bc you can heal yourself 200hp and thats really powerful!

does the kitsune girl have any cgs?

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Nope. Hanako is the big sis fox and doesn't bother with such silliness. Ayane is the ultimate tease bu~ut this might change in the end.

question no.1: where are the rest of the focusing crystals on the second island?

question no.2: where are the rest of the pieces that go with the soul wood?

other than these problems i love the game and definitely cannot wait for the full release!

I'm glad you liked Yorna ^^ The red focusing crystal is a part of the craftable staff. The soulwood branch is the second one. The last piece is inside one of the first puzzle zones on Ikko island. Don't forget to check the treasure maps.

cool thanks, but where are the focusing crystals that ayane speaks of needing? are they just casual finds or what?

These crystals are common crafting items. You already saw them inside the crystal cave on the first island. There are some inside the deep mine on the second island too.

I bought yorna on steam because I appreciate your work :)

Glad you liked Yorna and thanks for your support ^^

i can't install apk ?

The apk pack is working - I checked it out on my own phone before the release. Try re-downloading it.

Where do I find the 3rd part of the sword I have the glowing blade and the enchanted crossguard

Check out puzzle zones on the first island. Namely, the sand caves where Oni is.

how can i solve the puzzle in the castle on the second island

Read the tablet to see the hint then arrange the swappable tiles by using the info. It's not a difficult puzzle, just use the hint.

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I need help trying to find the air essence in the snowy area, can anyone help me please?

I finished the game and unlocked all 90 CGs, but still left 3% content uncomplete. Is there anything that can be missed easily? Thanks!

by the way,I found 19 dresses by now, are they all of the dresses available in 1.20?

Check out optional quests like the alchemist from the first village and extra stuff like the trap course in the castle's ruins on Ikko island.

v1.2 has 20 dresses and v1.2.5 has 21.

I have found all of 20 dresses in 1.20 and completed the game after winning in the card game with the 2 card players. Thanks for the wonderful game! 

I'm glad you liked Yorna ^^

Is Ayane supposed to disappear on me or is that a bug? Because i came back with what i needed and she's gone. 

Depends on what are you talking about. She moves between the interior table and the garden in some cases and moves to the castle for the main plot. At this time, she's not available in the temple - even kitsune can't be in 2 places at the same time.

Game looks great, but. How much space is needed to install the app on Android? I have 3.64 gb of space free, but the I installer keeps telling me that I don't have enough space.

Can't give you the precise storage needed for the game but it won't change the fact that you don't have enough at the moment. Try cleaning the storage up and delete the apk after the install to get it back. Though, 3.6 GB should be enough.

I don't have any kind of online update module, so you are installing the whole game in one go. It may be inconvenient but it's the only option to install Yorna on mobile devices at the moment.

Also, android seems to want twice as much space free to install things as it actually uses. So that may also be an issue.

Co daje ten kod wpisany u tego gościa obok zamku

Przeszedłem labirynt z pułapkami

W pobliżu

Jak zdobyć to wszystko

do I have access to all contents by buying the game on steam? including the secret code of the guy in front of the castle?
I love yorna

Glad you liked Yorna. No, the code is part of my Patreon's rewards. Some players don't like Patreon and asked about an alternative way to support me. That's why I've put the game into Steam.

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My save files are not working everytime turn off of my computer the game does not accept the saves

Did you copy your saves into the fresh release just as I recommend in the release post?

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Yes. If I save and exit the game then go back on to the game the save will work but if I save the games and turn off my computer then go back on to the game the save would not work

This is really weird. Do you see the saves but they somehow refuse to load or you don't see them at all? Make sure you are running the same game client in all tests and also check the auto-update settings of Itch client.

Yes I see them in the save file

Alright, what happens when you try to load one of these? Do you have an error screen? I tried to check this issue and on all platforms including mobile, saves are working fine on my side.

can anyone help me get past this fire? I've spent hours trying to work out how to do it but I cant figure it out.

You don't need to figure anything out - just advance the main plot and check back after Ada will master the fire.

I love this game, it is one of my favorites! Quick question have you ever thought of putting a discord channel for this and other games? Just out of curiosity. Keep up the great work!

Glad you liked Yorna ^^ Yes, I have a Discord server that acts as a support channel. You can in here.

Tôi nên làm gì? Tôi không thấy Miko ở đâu cả.

You are standing at the entrance of the correct location. It's in the labyrinth zone.

Za 2 dni jest 8 lipca

Co teraz i kiedy nowa wersja gry 


If I understood you question correctly, the next public update is scheduled for July 8th. You can check this in info posts like this one. I'm posting these for each version so players could see the release dates.

Co trzeba zrobić w lesie z tymi czterema portalami żółty czerwony niebieski i zielony. 


If I understand the question right, you need to transfer all spheres to the right "pole". It's one with blue and red spheres in your screenshot.

The catch is - you can only transfer sphere to a "pole" if there's no sphere present with a higher standing. In other words, you can't move a red sphere to a pole if there's any orb already there. And you can't move the green orb to a pole with the blue one.

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Hello, where is the save usually located in a Huawei Android?

Reason, so I can transfer the saves from my phone to my Computer.

Sorry, can’t help you there. It’s technically possible to transfer the saves yet this involves root access. I decided not to write any guides on this since something may go wrong by chance and tempering with root access voids most warranty cases.

Also, what is the Townsfolk quest at the beginning where I need to find someone to aid in your quest? Like, how can I accomplish that?

I'm not sure but looks like you are talking about the baron's introduction. Just get inside the mansion East of your castle and talk with the reception maid. It's optional though, so you may complete the game without working in his mansion.

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Just follow the main plot for now - you'll need to meet certain characters before you can proceed with vagabonds' questline.

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I've finished the game gotta say its really good 👌👌👌

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Glad you liked Yorna ^^ Do you mind adding a rating so more people could find the game on Itch?

Nadal nie wiem co się zmieniło od 1.0 do v 1.2.5

how to solve the puzzle by following the fox in the deep mine?

You don't need to follow the fox - she's there to distract you and looks like that kitsune did a fine job ^^ Check out the rooms and follow the hints for directions. You need to find a room with a chest and get Miko's dress from it to advance the kitsune quest.

 co zostało dodane do gry od v1.0 do v1.2.5

You can check out patchnotes on my Patreon or right here, on Itch.

What do I do next when there are no more missions? (93%)

Check optional quests and other activities like Octa church, vagabond camp, etc.

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I can not solve the puzzle in the Vulcanic Depths. I spent an hour and a half trying to get lucky because the puzzle is far too complex to solve in my head. What is this solution? I suggest replacing this puzzle or simply solving it for the player. Seriously. There are literally tens of thousands of combinations to guess through. That is assuming the puzzle is solved in just a few moves. Depending on how many steps it takes to solve there could be millions of possible combinations: 16 x 16 x 16 x 16 x 16. There is no process of elimination solution either.

You need to solve real puzzles, not brute force them or hope to get lucky with a random mash. Yorna is a bit different from "press any button to win" games in this aspect. And, yes, I've already made a solution for it about 2 years ago.


Xin hãy giúp tôi! Tôi không biết phải làm gì.

As far as I can understand the question, you need to speak with either Leary or Gabby inside your castle. You'll see a small cutscene and get the imprint. Make sure you have a crystal before doing this. You can get some in the crystal cave.

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