Developer's plans for February -> March period

Looks like February will be the last month for Ouro. Despite my best efforts, it looks like my skills are still lacking to make a more complex game like Ouroboros Syndrome. Interest dynamics are too negative to ignore, and a recent drop in support proves the point with the elegance of a sledgehammer. It may sound funny, but on 1 fresh follower for Ouro, I get about 3 for Yorna even if the game didn’t receive updates for ~ 8 months. This is huge. So, I’m putting Ouro on hold.

I understand some players will be greatly disappointed at this decision, yet it’s the only correct one. Ouro’s updates are much harder to make due to animations and a difficult setting. And this affects not only me, but artists too. Since Ouro’s results are negative on all fronts, I don’t see a reason to stubbornly cling to it and make life harder for everyone involved.

For what’s it worth, I’m sorry. It looks like I still suck at more complex game designs and should stick to easier ones. I won’t attempt something like this in the future until I’ll get a dedicated game designer’s help.

So, what’s next? Yorna EX version will be transferred to the public status shortly after and I will continue the original development cycle with monthly updates like it was prior to the EX version and Yorna’s final content pack.

I’ll return to developing Yorna and make something like an addon for it. Most of the new content will be after the final battle with the final boss and the “real” ending with cutscenes. I’ll adapt the logic, so players won’t need to start over to access new content.

This “addon” will have around 6-8 months of content and expand the original story and finish with enhanced endings. It will introduce new characters along with putting extra episodes for existing monster girls. Otherwise, you can expect “standard” Yorna content packs with new monster girls, funny cutscenes and new lands to explore.

After the “addon”, I plan to make another game with monster girl theme that will be similar to Yorna in several ways yet will bring several new features and gameplay elements. Positive mood and sandbox gameplay (akin to Yorna’s) will be the main focus.

Stay tuned for updates and don’t forget to participate in the monster girl poll!

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Hi, I don't think the issue is with your skills.

To be fair, I think monster girls are just way more popular than cyberpunk for these kind of fantasies.

Also, I really like the clothing mechanics in Yorna, where you get skills by wearing them. Apart from encouraging us to try out all the outfits, it also meshes nicely with the fiction, as collecting clothes is something our protagonist (as a woman) might be interested in.

Glad you liked Yorna :) It may be the case yet It's a hard question. I'm pretty sure when one man tries to do literally almost everything the quality may drop, especially in more complex designs. That's why I decided to put Ouro on hold for now.