Weekly report

Master's release wave for Ouro is up for grabs, don’t forget to get your rewards! You can expect Yorna’s EX version to go public during the week. It should be around the middle, but the exact date will depend on my workload.

I drafted out addon’s story and started implementing it in the game itself. You can expect the classic gameplay with several new additions to the mix.
3 new characters will join Yorna’s cast. The first one is Werewolf monster girl picked during the mongirl poll. Two others will be plot characters, codenamed “big fluff” and “small fluff”. Any ideas who that might be?

Some artists will require a bit of time to properly adapt for Yorna’s rhythm so I’m not sure how many H scenes we’ll get for v1.0.5. I will try to get two while one is guaranteed. Future updates will have at least 2 H scenes in them.

Also, I did a number of improvements from the original EX version based on player feedback. For example, I made a new ledge in the desert zone with resource nod on it so players could easily understand that roots/vines can serve as paths too.

Improved several hints from the help menu and renamed the first floor of Mortimer’s tower to help in navigation. Added sparks to interactable rubble during the search for Desona so players would immediately understand what’s new in the zone.

As for the global map, I added a small path towards Oni’s sand caves since some players had trouble finding it. Expanded the map to show more water on the right side and demonstrate whirlpool disappearance once Yorna is defeated.

Changed alchemy crafting lab in Ada’s room. The default room will reduce crafting cost for all potions. Some players didn’t understand that money cost for brewing implied smaller consumable ingredients like wood, coal or bottles to hold the liquid. Since getting too strong too fast is no longer an issue, Ada’s upgraded room will allow you to brew them for 0 coins.

Players no longer will be able to use the 30th save slot for manual saving to avoid possible confusion when the autosave feature was overwriting your data. You can still use this slot for loading purposes. If you try to use it for saving, you’ll hear the standard negative buzzer.

New characters 0 / 3

New H scenes 0 / 1-2

New puzzles 0 / 1

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