Weekly report

Magus’s release wave for Ouro is up for grabs, don’t forget to get your rewards!

I’m almost done with adapting default Yorna’s logic for addon’s arrival. 70% of the new maps are finished and I’m implementing logic on them. Since the transaction release will have more than the usual share of maps, including the new ”global” zone - looks like decent progress to me. So, the release date stays on the usual 14-16th of the month and if anything happens, I’ll make a separate post.

The H scene is ready narrative-wise, waiting for the art to arrive to put it all together in the game. You can expect 2 new character previews during this week, two monster girls are almost ready. And a bit of bad news - some artists couldn’t make it in time for the release and v1.0.5 will feature a single new H scene.

I decided to switch default scene length to the shorter option. This change will only affect new players since they don’t have any save files. Others won’t be affected - you don’t to do anything to keep your preferred settings.

Yorna’s Android version no longer uses the default RPG Maker icon. Hope it helps with identification on your phone/tablet.

New characters 1 / 3

New H scenes 0 / 1

New puzzles 1 / 1

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