Yorna v1.0.5 release and full changelog


Yorna v1.0.5 is up for download! Aside from the new story content and customary puzzle & treasure hunting, players will meet 3 new monster girls on the new island. Did you love Ayane? Well, now Ada will have 3 kitsune around. Will she be able to contain herself? Existing monster girls will get some love too, including players’ favorite mini-cutscenes.  

You can get the new version here.  

You don’t need to start over if you already finished the game in v1.0.3, both new players and veterans can continue the story. If you finished Yorna in the previous version, just check out the ”Help” function in the on-map menu. The hint will lead you to the next step in the docks. Otherwise, Ada will make a new comment after defeating Yorna.  

H content 

This update brings two new scenes with the werewolf. They use the same logic is preview scenes: normal and slutty variations based on Ada’s lewd level at the moment of getting the scene. Don’t forget you can use items to adjust Ada’s lewd level.  

You can find new scenes after all H events on the main island. This way, you can easily distinguish between the main game and addon’s content.  

Since v1.0.5 is a switch-over release, it has a smaller amount of H content yet I’m planning to return the usual 4 scenes per update in the next content pack.  

Gameplay changes  

Alt no longer turns on the auto-battle feature. Some players were pretty surprised during alt-tabbing out of the game but from v1.0.5 it’s no longer an issue.  

Changed alchemy crafting lab in Ada’s room. The default room will reduce crafting cost for all potions. Some players didn’t understand that money cost for brewing implied smaller consumable ingredients like wood, coal or bottles to hold the liquid. Since getting too strong too fast is no longer an issue, Ada’s upgraded room will allow you to brew potions for 0 coins.  

Ada’s physical skills like overpower or enrage will no longer be sealed during silence effects. Now, these work as intended and allow bigger damage output even if you can’t use spells.  

Interface changes

Players no longer will be able to use the 30th save slot for manual saving to avoid possible confusion when the autosave feature was overwriting your data. You can still use this slot for loading purposes. If you try to use it for saving, you’ll hear the standard negative buzzer.  

I decided to switch the default scene length to the shorter option. This change will only affect new players since they don’t have any save files. Others won’t be affected - you don’t need to do anything to keep your preferred settings.  

All Android versions no longer use the default RPG Maker icon. I hope it helps with identification on your phone/tablet.  

Added the “Non-silenced” category to Ada’s skill menu so players could check what options they will have under the “silence” effect.  

Fixed an issue with combat surrender’s positioning. Now, r letter is no longer cut out.  

Small fixes and improvements

I did a number of improvements from the original EX version based on player feedback. For example, I made a new ledge in the desert zone with a resource node on it so players could easily understand that roots/vines can serve as paths too.  

Fixed visual glitch during the map loading process when players could see the map before the internal logic made its magic. Players should no longer see graphic switches during the map loading.  

Improved several hints from the help menu and renamed the first floor of Mortimer’s tower to help in navigation. Added sparks to interactable rubble during the search for Desona so players would immediately understand what’s new in the zone.  

Added a small path towards Oni’s sand caves since some players had trouble finding it. Expanded the map to show more water on the right side and demonstrate whirlpool disappearance once Yorna is defeated.  

Medium mana potion no longer shares the icon with weak mana potion. 


Stay tuned for upcoming dev plans and the new monster girl poll!

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