Developer's plan for March -> April period

Hello! In this development month, I’ll focus on improving logistics and internal logic while returning to the previous update size.  

I’m looking for a new artist to improve the art base since there’s no such thing as too much art. The main goal is to get back to 4 scenes (2 events with 2 versions each) and I would be happy to lay out a foundation for the next monster girl game.  

As for the content changes, you can expect classical releases with new dresses, zones, weapons, puzzles and optional activities like treasure hunting. Kitsune clan will receive a new quest line akin to vagabonds and Octa church. I’m also considering adding a new ”maid job” scene for the mansion but its appearance depends on artists’ workload.  

Mio, Leary and Momo will form a “small & cute” group to make childish-funny moments in the story and present another side of monster girls. Of course, this doesn’t mean other girls will have less scene time. You can also expect Sarana’s reincarnation.  

Also, good news for players who don’t like Patreon and don’t want to use it. I’m resuming work on the Steam version and with a bit of luck, it may appear in the shop. No promises though, since game content will always come first.  

As always, stay tuned for updates and don’t forget to participate in the ongoing monster girl poll for v1.1!

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