Weekly report

Master’s release wave is up for grabs, don’t forget to check it out!

Artists are hard at work, and we should expect the first art pieces to arrive during the week. So far, I planned the usual pack of 2 new events, each of them with two variations, and the new artists are working on a mansion/brothel scene. I can’t say she’ll make it into this release but is he does, I’ll prepare the narrative and put it in as an extra.

Tech-wise, I’m working on the main maps for the new release and so far I finished about the third of them. I also plan to roll out a new map type - semi-labyrinth. If I’ll have time to prepare everything, I’ll see it as a part of optional questline for furballs on the Ikko island.

As for the puzzles, this time I decided to go with immortal classic - rolling stones. The boulder kind. Since some players found puzzles rather daunting, this will serve as a pretty easy breather between the hard ones.

v1.1 will bring a new feature - FAQ and feature button in the main menu. Some players didn’t find the FAQ file I put in each release and played without using quality of life features like auto battle, textbox hiding or Ada’s sprite concealing. So, I decided to make a separate button for this.

After hitting the FAQ button, the game will open a new window with the information. To make the file automatically accusable on all desktop platforms, I remade it into the txt format. Hope it will help with your playthrough and make it more enjoyable.

Fixed a typo in Pandarian dress’s description. Stats, skills and visuals are the same.

New monster girls 0 / 2

New H scenes 0 / 4-6

New puzzles 1 / 1

New dresses 0 / 1

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