Weekly report

Magus’s release wave is up for grabs, don’t forget to check it out!

Artists are entering the final phase with 2 scene previews coming during this week along with a dress. Since COVID fucked up the daily life, their schedule moved a bit closer to the release. Still, at this moment, I’m aiming at the usual 14th – 16th March for shipping out the new content. If something changes, I’ll make a separate info post.

All of the main story maps are ready and I’m working on encounter logic. After finishing this section, I will spend my time on the new labyrinth mini-event to test it out and get some feedback.

Scene-wise, I’ve prepared the narrative for the new brothel scene and waiting for the art to fully implement it in the game. It will be a classic hetero 1 on 1 lewds to mix with all the yuri stuff from the last two updates. Now working on Sarana’s scene with a rather interesting pose. Rope suspension, anyone?

Also, v1.1 will bring the first step of kitsune shrine maidens’ optional questline and a new dress. Similar to Octa church and the vagabonds, you don’t need to complete it to progress with the main story, but it will bring its own rewards and funny scenes.

As for the new “FAQ” feature I mentioned in the previous report, I also adapted it to run on mobile devices. Since mobile build uses partly different logic and file structure, I wasn’t sure if I could make it work. Now I do and v1.1 will have this feature across all supported platforms.

Fixed partly cut 3rd text line for skill and item descriptions. Their logic stays the same.

New monster girls 1 / 2

New H scenes 0 / 4-6

New puzzles 1 / 1

New dresses 0 / 1

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