Weekly report

Yorna v1.0.5 public release is up for grabs, don’t forget to check it out!  

Most of the art has already arrived and I’m currently waiting for 2 scenes: kejourou’s and another maid job in the mansion. All other pieces are already in the game, you can check them out in preview posts.  

Map-wise the release is ready with the exception of new mini-cutscenes with monster girls. Working on several ideas. Most likely the new content pack will get 2 such events. The new labyrinth-like zone is finished too – if players will like the idea, I’ll add a similar area to upcoming releases too. I’ll use the rest of the time before the release to playtest and polish it.  

Added new alchemy brewbook and the most powerful potions. Added strong potions to castle’s and Ikko camp’s vendor lists.  

Added Miko dress, it will be a pretty interesting choice for a mage with good stats and a passive skill that boosts magic attack and defense.  

Added new hidden treasure to the new “Crystal mine” zone. It will be the new focus map for v1.1 – don’t forget to check out your inventory and dig up the cache!  

Adjusted “Features” interface on mobile platforms, namely moved scroll buttons towards the middle of the screen for better comfort.  

New monster girls 2 / 2  

New H scenes 2 / 4-6  

New puzzles 1 / 1  

New dresses 1 / 1

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