Yorna v1.1 release and full changelog

Yorna v1.1 is up for download! Aside from the new story content and customary puzzle & treasure hunting, you’ll find 2 new monster girls and 3 fresh H scenes. Hanako starts preparations for the Sealing ritual and Ada will play her part to help the furballs.

You can get the new version here.

H content

The update brings 3 new H events with 2 options each. So, 6 in total. The first pair is tied with Kejourou in the new explorable location – the deep mine on Ikko island. The second pair features Sarana and her boss fight. The third pair is inside the mansion’s basement – check out the rooms to find the new encounter.

New features

v1.1 brings a new feature - FAQ and feature button in the main menu. Some players didn’t find the FAQ file I put in each release and played without using quality of life features like auto-battle, textbox hiding or Ada’s sprite concealing. So, I decided to make a separate button for this.

After hitting the FAQ button, the game will open a new window with the information. To make the file automatically accessible on all platforms, I remade it into the txt format. Hope it will help with your playthrough and make it more enjoyable.

Also, v1.1 will bring the first step of kitsune shrine maidens’ optional questline and a new dress. Similar to Octa church and the vagabonds, you don’t need to complete it to progress with the main story, but it will bring its own rewards and funny scenes.

This questline line will feature a new labyrinth-like subzone. If players will like the idea, I’ll add a similar area to upcoming releases too.

Added new alchemy brewbook and the most powerful potions. These will help you beat even the most powerful enemies. Added strong potions to castle’s and Ikko camp’s vendor lists for convenience.

Minor tweaks and fixes

Added Miko dress, it will be a pretty interesting choice for a mage with good stats and a passive skill that boosts magic attack and defense.

Added new hidden treasure to the new “Crystal mine” zone. It will be the new focus map for v1.1 – don’t forget to check out your inventory and dig up the cache!

Adjusted “Features” interface on mobile platforms, namely moved scroll buttons towards the middle of the screen for better comfort.

Fixed partly cut 3rd text line for skill and item descriptions. Their logic stays the same.

Fixed a typo in the Pandarian dress’s description. Stats, skills and visuals are the same.

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