Monster Girl poll for v1.1.5

Okay, another release pack is out and I’m drafting out a plan for the next dev months. So, let’s check it! Also, don’t forget to participate in the monster girl poll for version v1.1.5.

Ada will continue working with kitsune and learning their ways. Their optional questline will receive an update – Ayane will have a new task for you and a pretty interesting reward for completion. As usual, the new update will bring new monster girls, weapons (including the special staff), a puzzle and treasure hunting. I’m thinking about a new experiment with labyrinth-like zones too.

Tech-wise, I’ll be focused on polishing existing mechanics and preparing the foundation for new gameplay elements. Even if Yorna won’t be able to receive them, these will be useful for the new game after the addon content will reach its final stage.

Some players mentioned pauses after hitting a scroll button in the new “Feature” window. I’ll check it out and make a hotfix version if I’ll be able to find the problem and its cause.

I'm negotiating with a new artist right now. if all goes well, he should be able to participate in v1.1.5. I thought that COVID didn't fuck them up as much as other professions, but it's not quite so. Now, some artists get too many commissions to handle.

Steam version should be up during the next month. I already prepared everything for distribution and Steam is currently running internal checks before allowing me to present Yorna in the store. There is some optional stuff left like achievements, but it can wait for now. I’ll make a separate info post once it’ll be ready.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates and news! It would be great to hear what you think about the game. It’s the same as always, if you don’t like something – share it with me so I could potentially fix it. If you love Yorna – share it with your friends!

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Hey how do I get this new version and participate in the poll? Also great game so far, thanks for making it! Hope there's some way to purchase or give you money for your great work sometime soon! Like doing that Steam purchase when it's ready! 

Thanks! ^^ Polls are a patron-only thing where my supporters decide which monster girl will be added in the next update. You can use any reward tier for participating.

The new version will follow the usual release schedule, you can check it here. After reaching the public release wave, I will upload it on Itch among other sites.

Currently, there's only Patreon option for supporting me but the Steam version should be up rather soon. They are making internal checks on the store page and builds. Depending on the results, I may need to fix something but most likely Yorna will be in Steam during the next dev month.

Awesome, thanks! Look forward to all of those! One final question would be about save data. Is there a way to transfer my save to the new version? Thanks in advance! I think I'll look into support you at the Archmage level soon :P 

On all desktop releases, you can just copy your entire save folder from the older release into the new one then start up the new version. It will recognize your saves and allow to use them.

The mobile version keeps your saves between apk updates - you don't need to do anything specific in this case.

Sweet, thanks! I will look into all this soon! :)