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Since I’m still waiting for the monster girl poll to end, I was more focused on other parts of the game. The new puzzle is on playtesting step - this time it will be more about players’ attention rather than wits. Still, it’s quite easy if you’ll try to analyze the details.  

Also, I’m working on improving slow response time for new “Features” logic. The problem is almost gone and pretty much all that I need to do is to check if there are any hidden roots still intact. Most likely the fix will be ready with the next release wave for Yorna v1.1.  

Some players wanted to see Yorna in Steam because they don’t like Patreon and/or their politics - this week is the perfect opportunity to prepare the game. Steam is already checking both store page materials and game builds. I can’t say how long it will take, but I’m working on optional stuff like achievements. Some players love them, and I don’t see a reason to ignore it.  

Anyway, let’s hope Steam won’t require me to change 1/3rd of the game’s H scenes as Nutaku did…  

Oh, and don’t mind the “1-2” in the “new monster girls” score. I’m thinking about adding another male monster and turning the victor of monster girl poll into the boss. Not all artists will be able to draw it, so we’ll have to wait for voting results and discuss it with artists.  

New monster girls 0 / 1-2  

New H scenes 0 / 4  

New puzzles 1 / 1  

New dresses 0 / 1

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