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Yorna v1.1 Magus release is up for grabs, don’t forget to check it out! 

Looks like the art pieces can be the problem for v1.1.5 after all. I’m trying to sort it out with the artists and looking for a backup. Even with this, I hope to hit the usual release zone on May 14th – 16th. I’ll make a separate info post when it will be clear and warn you if the update will be delayed. As usual, I’ll make art previews as soon as it will arrive.

I’m done with the maps and mostly gluing up together various logic pieces like dialogue and scene triggers. The second H scene is on the text polishing stage and I’m mostly waiting for the art to arrive and put it all together in the game.

Good news for players who are waiting for the Steam version. Valve already ok’d the shop page, and I just submitted the last build with all the fixes they wanted to see. Achievement system and cloud saves are there too, though the first one was a nightmare to implement properly in RPG Maker MV >>

If everything else will be fine, Yorna should be up in Steam on May 15th. This is the closest date for the release I can set up in the shop. If the update will be ready by that time of course.

There’s a pair of changes in the game, though I had to cut Leary’s scenes entirely and remove Pan-kun from the panda’s scenes. These two were considered too young to participate or see such lewd behavior. Otherwise, the Steam version has no differences with the usual builds.

Fixed a rather strange bug that could turn a critical hit into a regular one without any bonus damage.

Added a new treasure to the mountains zone for Yorna v1.1.5.

New monster girls 0 / 1

New H scenes 2 / 4

New puzzles 1 / 1

New dresses 0 / 1

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