Yorna v1.1 public release

Yorna v1.1 is up for download! You can check the full changelog here.  

Don’t forget to copy your entire save folder into the new release to keep all your progress.


Yorna_1_1_Windows.zip 1 GB
58 days ago
Yorna 1.10a.apk 1 GB
58 days ago
Yorna_1_1_Linux.tgz 1 GB
58 days ago
Yorna_1_1_MacOS.zip 1 GB
58 days ago

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After so many playthroughs (different build styles) it's the first time I've encountered that. For those who don't understand I touched the fireplace in the armory in the first town. And if you wander, no you don't lose health. Nice detail.