Weekly report

The last week is here and I’ll use it to polish and playtest the content for v1.1.5. Plus, adding extra content like small dialogue scenes with various monster girls and Ada. Art-wise, only the last scene with dark valkyrie is missing, yet it should be ready before the usual release date between May 14-16th.

If anything changes before this – I’ll make an info post and give you the details.

Another good bit of news is the new artist. We agreed on making a test commission for the May -> June period to see him in action. Also, the last maid scene may get a graphical update in v1.1.5 if the artist will have the time to finish it. Otherwise, it will get into v1.2 later.

Can’t say anything new about the Steam version. I’ve fixed all the points Valve gave me and currently waiting for them to check it. Depending on the results, the Steam release may shift a bit.

Fixed Sarana’s nameplate during her cutscene in the deep mine region. Now it properly uses her name.

Adjusted all of Momo’s dialogue sprites. Now, her front hair properly covers her eye to avoid flickering during image swaps.

Fixed background music in deep mine’s labyrinth zone. Now all zones properly trigger music after players load a saved game in them.

New monster girls 1 / 1

New H scenes 2 / 4

New puzzles 1 / 1

New dresses 1 / 1

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