Developer's plans for May -> June period

Another release is out and I’m planning for the next development month. So, let’s see what’s coming! Also, don’t forget to participate in the monster girl poll for version 1.2.

The conflict on Ikko island is shifting toward the active phase. Together with Ayane, Ada will be tasked with distracting lust cultists with a fake ritual. Regardless of the outcome, time with this furball is never dull. Of course, the new update will bring new monster girls, a puzzle, new items for purchase and treasure hunting.

I’ve found a new artist for Yorna and he will be active in the next dev month. We’ll start with a test run and see how it will go. If everything will be fine, June -> July period will have 3 H scenes instead of the usual 2.

Optional kitsune questline will receive another update and bring new story steps and a new cutscene along with the usual monster girl interaction.

Since new locations on Ikko island end up with dead-end boss zones, I’m thinking about adding teleportation consumables to speed up players’ navigation. These will also give you an opportunity to instantly get back to the main settlement on both islands. Also, vendors will receive a potion to clear negative effects from Ada – this will help with countering the “Silence” effect for mages.

Steam version is almost ready and should be up during the next week or even later today if everything will go smoothly. It will feature the fresh 1.1.5 version with minor Steam differences.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates and news! It would be great to hear what you think about the game.

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