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Yorna v1.1 Master release is up for grabs, don’t forget to check it out!

The artists received their tasks for the month and the dress may arrive at the current week if all will go smoothly. The next update will feature 2 new monster girls with unique H scenes, 2 variations each, so 4 in total.

I was busy with polishing and tweaking the existing content along with some quality of life changes. The next week will be dedicated to the new puzzle and new explorable zone that will be the main focus in v1.2.

Added a new item called “Recall scroll”. After using it, you will be able to pick one of the safe zones like Grey castle or Hanako’s temple and Ada will teleport there. Full list of safe zones: Grey castle, Sand Town, Ayane’s shrine, Coast camp on Ikko island and Hanako’s temple. Some locations will be available after advancing the plot far enough. Alchemists and magic vendors sell these scrolls.

Fixed pathfinding logic in Deep Mine’s entrance zone. Now Ada won’t jump over a ledge on the stairs.

Added new “Cleanse” potions named “Gaia’s Tear”. Similar to the “Cleanse” skill, they will remove most of the debuffs after drinking and you can do so even under “Silence” effect.

Added shimmering effect to the teleport sphere in Ada’s room. Some players had problems finding it – I hope this will help.

Fixed Chilly Ridge zone. Now, it correctly plays background music if players load up a save there.

Adjusted Lizzy’s sprite in the castle’s garden. She’s properly looking at the blooming bush now.

Players can’t sell the shovel anymore since some did so before trying to dig up something. In case you already did this – you can get another one on Sand Town’s bazaar.

Fixed mansion’s basement. Now the scenes there won’t reset after drinking herbal tea or lust drafts. This way, players can obtain both normal and lewd variations for H scenes in this zone.

Rebalanced “Fire Enchantment” skill. It no longer gets bonus damage from the magic attack stat but received extra physical damage scaling as compensation. It’s more or less on par with “Force Wave” from mages. “Overpower” is the top damage option yet at a higher mana cost.

Fixed domination and “But Why?” achievements for Steam. Now you can properly get them all.

Made Leary stand still in the garden so she couldn’t appear twice at Titania’s cutscene.

Coast camp’s teleporter no longer requires action button to activate. Touching it is enough to trigger the teleportation back to the castle.

New monster girls 0 / 2

New H scenes 0 / 4

New puzzles 0 / 1

New dresses 0 / 1

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