Weekly report

Yorna v1.1.5 Magus release is up for grabs, don’t forget to check it out!

The artists are hard at work and I’m done with new maps aside from the specials and kitsune’s optional zones. This leaves me plenty of time to prepare monster girl interactions and think about what I want to add from my old memos. Well, let’s see what happened during this week and what should you expect during this one.

I’m done with the narrative part for the first H scene and simply waiting for the art to arrive so I can glue it all up together. Preview’s estimated time of arrival – this week. The second H scene is on the drafting level both for the artist’s and narrative parts. Valkyrie’s dress should also arrive during this week along with the second monster girl (Cursed Sword).

The new puzzle is ready. It’s fairly simple and uses sudoku logic with a clear hint to this in the puzzle zone. Since the last one was pretty ambiguous, let’s take a break :) v1.2 will also bring a new type of activities – trap tracks. Since some players prefer more active gameplay, I decide to try out old good traps.

It uses new logic, never implemented in Yorna before. After entering the trap track map, you’ll notice a new GUI element – a health bar. If Ada gets caught in the trap, she’ll use a charge to teleport back to a nearby safe position. Losing all 3 will kick you out of the active zone. Keep an eye out for a way to restore it! Also, it would be great to hear your thoughts on this idea – should I do more of there or it doesn’t fit in Yorna?

The usual bit of treasure hunting is ready too. Prepare to find a new map and dig up that booty in the new castle zone.

As a bit of extra thought for the day. In order to make the game more diverse, I’m tinkering with a QTE module for Yorna (or perhaps the next project?) After testing out the trap tracks, I want to try it out if all goes well and I’ll have enough time to properly test it.

New monster girls 1 / 2

New H scenes 0 / 4

New puzzles & trap tracks 2 / 2

New dresses 1 / 2

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