Weekly report

The public release is out, don’t forget to check it out!

The art for the new dress (Valkyrie’s) has arrived and it will be available in Diana’s dress shop together with Desire. Both new clothes are craftable so make sure you have enough materials. Mindflayer’s H scene art is almost ready – we are fixing problems with the artist.

I’m working on the narrative part for the second H scene with Cursed Sword while waiting for the art to arrive and gluing up together all the parts of the new update.

The release is scheduled in the usual middle of the month and if something will change, I’ll make a separate info post.

Troubleshooting the trap track took a ton of time. The most infuriating one received a rather hilarious solution. So, all rolling boulders, mine fall into a hole at the end of their route. Problem is, sometimes the player can try interacting with them right at the moment where collision and damage logic shuts down and “falling down” animation played out. The poor boulder gets confused about what to do in this “in-between” situation and becomes stuck.

Since such interaction wasn’t intended, the default logic says – don’t do anything. The solution to this issue was setting a state to explicitly tell the event to do nothing. Then, the happy boulder completes the “do nothing’ instruction and goes on with the falling down animation. *Brainfart sound* If you are confused why you are reading this in the weekly report – it took me 3 evenings to nail this bugger down…

Kitsune’s optional questline received the next step – get inside the great furball library and see if you can get valuable knowledge from it with Ayane.

Several zones will receive additional ambiance tracks in v1.2 to improve the atmosphere as a test rollout. Based on players’ feedback, I’ll either delete these or add them to all other zones. Such tracks use BGM’s volume level.

New monster girls 2 / 2

New H scenes 0 / 4

New puzzles & trap tracks 2 / 2

New dresses 2 / 2

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