Weekly report

The Magus release wave is up for grabs, don’t forget to check it out!

Akaname’s H scene art is ready so I finally can assemble the whole event and playtest it. Dark Elegance dress is already in the build. Genie takes longer to arrive than expected. The combat sprite should be ready during the next week along with the H scene – I’ll make a separate info post if the usual release date changes.

Tech-wise, all maps are ready and I’m polishing the last bits of logic to test them all out and add counters + hints for all steps.

The new part of the kitsune optional quest will feature a new passive skill and a chase segment. I decided to diversify puzzles with a bit of action. Based on your feedback, I may increase the number of such activities or cut them in the future.

And the usual treasure digging is ready too. This time part of the cache will be used in the puzzle aside from just holding some goodies.

Stay tuned for upcoming public polls – your opinion will shape the future updates.

New monster girls 1 / 2

New H scenes 2 / 4

New puzzles & trap tracks 2 / 2

New dresses 1 / 1

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