Yorna v1.2.5 release and full changelog

Yorna v1.2.5 is up for download! Aside from the new story content and usual puzzle & treasure hunting, you’ll find 2 new monster girls. After completing the Sealing ritual, kitsune start the hunt for lust cultists. Of course, Ada will participate too. It’s time to find their den and plan the assault!

You can get the new version here.

H content

The update brings 2 new H events with 2 options each. You can get the first pair from new common enemies – akaname girl with pretty long tongues. You can find them inside the Eastern mountain pass on Ikko island. The second pair of scenes features the new boss – genie on a vacation. She’s in the same zone.

New features and activities

The new part of the kitsune optional quest will feature a new passive skill and a chase segment. I decided to diversify puzzles with a bit of action. Based on your feedback, I may increase the number of such activities or cut them in the future. I plan to finish the furball story in v1.3. Don’t worry, Ayane isn’t going anywhere but gets a bit of punishment from her “sis” :P

Both puzzles are ready. One of them is based on rolling stones with a bit of a twist, and the second one is the simple memorization sequence. After getting all the feedback, I’ll think about adding more “action” minigames to the mix.

The usual treasure digging is ready too. This time part of the cache will be used in the puzzle aside from just holding some goodies.

As always, I added new monster girl interactions – check out the kitsune temple on Ikko island to see them.

Small fixes and improvements

Added secondary background tracks (like the birds in the forests from v1.2) to most of the zones that should have them. Some are more problematic, like lava caves – I’ll think about these in the upcoming update.

Decreased Titania’s lewd damage resistance so players could get the domination scene easier.

Added some NPC reactions to naked Ada. It’s pretty strange that they don’t react at all. I will polish and add more in v1.3.

Changed icons for some items and status effects for more descriptive ones.

Ayane now properly takes seal parts from Ada in the library. This change doesn’t affect the logic, just clears up the inventory after the item loses its meaning.

Stay tuned for news and upcoming monster girl poll! As always, if you don’t like something about the game – tell me and if you like Yorna – tell your friends ^^

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