Weekly report

The Master release wave is up for grabs, don’t forget to check it out!

The art will be arriving shortly. Pharaoh sprite is almost done, and you’ll see her in a preview soon. The new dress is not that far from completion too, and it should be finished before the next week. Anubis will arrive a bit later, while the first scene should be ready during the next week.

Tech-wise, the main maps are about 60% done. I’m focusing on finishing the zones and updating the tilesets with new elements before applying the main bulk of logic.

One of the puzzles is ready. This time it’s one of the pipe-turning minigames where players need to connect two points with different kinds of pipes. The second one is still in production and it will feature the new QTE module so I could get the feedback from you, the players.

The kitsune optional quest will reach the final step in v1.3. Ada will get the last bit of the rewards, including an alter version of traditional kitsune dress, and see what will happen to a certain mischievous furball. At the moment, it’s about 50% done.

Added the second part of reactions to Ada being naked. It’s mainly focused on the castle grounds.

Fixed music not playing after loading a saved game in the new mountain zone.

Fixed Wisdom and Balance skill. Now it adds the correct amount of bonus stats.

New monster girls 0 / 2

New H scenes 0 / 4

New puzzles & trap tracks 1 / 2

New dresses 0 / 1

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