Weekly report

The Magus release wave is up for grabs, don’t forget to check it out!

Anubis sprite will arrive shortly during this week and the artist will focus on a scene for her. And the second scene for the lord of the desert is already in works. The new dress should be finished before Wednesday.

I’m done with the maps and tilesets, currently focusing on applying the logic. There are several updates on this front:

The second puzzle is ready and this time I want to see how players will react to QTE minigame. It’s not hard to complete and will serve as a feedback test.

The kitsune quest’s ending is ready. Ada will get her alter kitsune dress (with a surprise) and see how the whole mini-story will end. As always, expect a bit of weirdness mixed with cuteness – the usual kitsune stuff.

Also, I’m thinking about adding another soundbar in the options menu. It will regulate new ambiance sounds you can hear in some zones. Since I’m planning to add more of these tracks, a way to mute or make them louder can be handy for players.

New monster girls 1 / 2

New H scenes 0 / 4

New puzzles & trap tracks 2 / 2

New dresses 0 / 1

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