Yorna August's poll results.

August’s “Next monster girl” poll is over and it’s time to announce the winner. Jinko leads with 16 points, Honey Bee us close behind with 14 and the third place goes to Kakuen with 10 points. Lizard ends up 3 and poor Ratatosk and Holstaur have 0.

One big cat is coming up in v0.2.5. Mrawr!

Please note, wiki image is here to give you a general look of a specific monster girl type and the final version may be a bit different.

Now let’s talk about the artist poll. Cash wins with a huge lead of 20 points. Both Comanch and Rptrz got 3 points. Alright! I’m already hashing the details with him and it’s perhaps we can slip in 1 extra scene for Yorna v0.2.5. No promises though, as it all depends on the artist.

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