Monster Girl poll results and new public poll

Monster girl poll is over and here are the results:

Raiju wins with a huge lead – 32 points. Second place goes to Moth with 16 points. Glacies and Uki-Onna are close with 10 and 11 points. Yeti ends up with 7 and poor Selkie got only 6.

I’ll use both first and second places for version 0.3. Looks like this approach will be more flexible in the future if I won’t need a specific girl for plot reasons.

Also, I’ve got different feedback about the current gallery logic, to be precise - names for locked scenes. Some players want to see names for all scenes, even locked ones. Others find interest in exploring the requirements for various H events without hints.

You can take part in this public poll here. It will be up for a week so everyone can participate.

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