December -> January development plans

Time flies and soon 2019 will arrive. Well, it Yorna proved to be an interesting experiment. Not flawless yet much more successful than League of Corruption and I’m still not done with it. Let’s see what v0.5 will bring aside from the usual story, scene and puzzle package. 

First of all, yes, it’s 0.5, not 0.4.5. As I already mentioned in the previous dev update - I’m not planning to drag Yorna to v27.1.054 and spend several years on it. What does this change mean? Players will get more optional content like minigames and secondary quests while the main plotline will be slightly bigger than before. So, nothing overly dramatic.

Let’s push the minigames theme further - I think of resurrecting the ”almost blackjack” card game from League of Corruption and giving it a few tweaks. Like a comprehensive set of rules for a start. Different players had varied experience with the game based on several factors like their familiarity with the original blackjack, expectations, etc. This time I’ll prepare a tutorial for a smoother start.

You can use it to get money, crafting ingredients and other useful stuff. Besides, it’s a great alternative to grinding even if the game doesn‘t push it to the extreme.

The second big point will be tech support. Some players reported strange problems with Yorna freezing or crashing randomly. Everything points out to a system-engine pair which is rather troublesome because it‘s hard to diagnose and fix. Still, I’ll try to find a way and do something about it, no promises though. I’m not a pro coder and if the problem really is in the engine, it will be a tough nut to crack.

I’ll do my best to finish with map updates in v0.5. Roughly half of the current locations got their updates in 0.4 yet I still have some work to do. For example, pine forest and desert zones need expanding so players could see exits and other interactive elements even with Ada’s sprite on the screen. I think it’s possible to wrap this up in the upcoming update and switch to other stuff.

You can expect more cutscenes and interactions with monster girls inside your castle. I’m thinking about adding more rooms for newcomers. Something like a dorm where you can talk to the girls and see how they are doing. We’ll see how this idea will evolve other the time.

Looks like that’s it for new features coming in Yorna v0.5 aside from spontaneous idea sparks like treasure hunting in v0.4

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