January -> February development plans

Let’s start with the new monster girl poll for the upcoming update. You can vote for your favorites here. Okay, now what can you expect aside from the usual story + puzzle combo?

I want to make update v0.6 about additional quest activities to tag along with the card game and treasure hunting from v0.5. Still drafting the detailed version of these quest lines but they will get a nice mix of humor, rewards for completion and perhaps even some influence on Yorna‘s endings. Putting a scene will be nice too yet finishing full quest chains with a decent amount of details will require more than one release.

The idea is to make two ”factions” with conflicting goals and give players a choice of supporting one of them or ignoring the opportunity. This activity will take Ada’s lewd stats into consideration, so you can expect different character reaction and ways to complete the quests.

The next big point will be the struggle against the crash problem. While I can’t directly fix the issue myself because it’s too deep in the engine core, I’ll do my best my pushing the tickets with respective tech support (nwjs + RPG Maker). Don’t think I’m forgetting about it.

v0.6 will receive 3 new H scenes if everything plays out alright during the production phase. 2 standard scenes for the boss and the monster girl, plus one extra for the mansion. Each of them will have normal and slutty variations as usual.

I’ll think about making some quality of life changes for the lab and other sections of the game. Something like an auto-stop for blackjack if you already have 21 points and there’s no point in taking another card. Save/Load menu can use a top to bottom switchover feature to use the autosave slot in a more convenient way and other small improvements.

Your lab will get several new enchantment options with rare materials like mithril ore and magic essence along with additional trinkets.

Thanks to your support we are getting closer to the second Patreon goal. This means I need to refresh and adjust the feature list to put inside the poll. Though, there’s little doubt which option will be the most popular :P The poll will use the same logic as any monster girl voting you saw so far. Either way, I’ll make an info post about it once we will be ready,

Oh, and for those players who struggle with the volcano floor puzzle - I’ll make a video solution on the weekend yet I strongly recommend you to beat it on your own.

Feel free to contact me with any trouble you encounter in the game and stay tuned for further updates.

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