Version 0.5 public release

//// Updated 06/02 to version 05.a with these changes:  

Fixed the Serena scene unlock item and made a script within your castle’s courtyard to check if one of Serena‘s scenes are present to grant the missing one. If you used the item before - you’ll need to walk inside your castle and save the game. Then check the gallery.  

Looks like one of the frames for ogre‘s lusty scene gone missing during old scene upgrade. Fixed the issue and checked other scenes for similar problems.  

Ada needed a nerf ^^ Walking through bars like a terminator. Fixed the doors inside cultist lair puzzle zone - now you actually need to use the statue to open them.  

Fixed the logic with entering pine forest section. Now hitting escape will properly close the window without transporting player inside pine forest’s maps.  

Reduced craft item list’s height to avoid overlapping with craft ingredients. All of the recipes are still available but you must scroll down to see them all. Added a small arrow to show if you have more options than you can see on a single screen.  


A bit of early release because I'm going on a business trip and can't guarantee enough free time and a stable connection. You can check full change log here.

Don't forget to copy your whole save folder inside the new release!

Files 749 MB
Feb 04, 2019
Yorna 883 MB
Feb 04, 2019
Yorna_v05_Linux.tgz 792 MB
Feb 04, 2019

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