Dev plans for February -> March

Hello! It’s time to check what I’ll be doing for the upcoming release - v0.7 aside from the usual story and scenes pack. Oh, and don't forget about the monster girl poll for the new update.

Let’s start with the new feature, Ada’s domination mode.

It will require a lot of art to fulfill all the H events Yorna will need and I want to start with v0.7. Already talking with several artists about their workload and prices but it will most likely take more than 3-4 months to completely cover all enemies Yorna has. If this will be the case, I’ll update the core game build with more H events during the interlude between projects.

If all goes well, you can expect first scenes to pop during the v0.7 release - most likely domination scenes will appear for monsters inside starter locations. Each release artists will go deeper until getting to the endgame content.

Optional quest lines for refugees and Octa church will receive second parts. Some of you could already guess that they aren’t as simple as they try to look on the outside. During the new update, Ada can investigate further into both factions to uncover their secrets. There will be no new H scenes for optional quests but I’m building towards them.

I feel that with the current pace Yorna didn’t receive enough mini-scenes with monster girls. v0.7 is a good update to add several at once. Perhaps I should add more events with less popular girls…

It’s time to add last enchantment options to your castle and use rare materials you’ve been collecting to create powerful equipment for trials ahead. Also, your castle’s lounge will receive new visitors - traders with crafting materials and supplies. A bit of convenience upgrade after getting the room. 

Another major point is the crashing problem. While I did literally everything I could, Yorna needs pro-coders who wrote the soft in the first place. Still, even they have problems dealing with it. I didn’t forget about or anything and will continue to barrage with questions both RPG Maker support and nwjs about the issue.

And while it has no ties to v0.7 directly, I’m pretty happy to say that your support allowed me to interest great artist in working on the game. You already saw Gai Noob’s work in tentacle and night gaunt scenes and soon I’ll be making commissions for the second artist of such caliber. Thank you for helping me make Yorna better!

Guess this is the main outline for the month - stay tuned for the updates.

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