Dev plans for March -> April period and new monster girl poll

Hello! Another month, another release and it’s time to talk about what I will do in the upcoming month aside from the usual story + puzzle combo.

Before we begin - don’t forget to participate in the new monster girl poll for Yorna v0.8.

Let’s start with H stuff. You can expect 2 normal scenes - one for the boss and the other one for common enemies. Aside from this, I plan to make April the first month with 4 scenes, which means 2 domination scenes. I’m not sure about the exact enemies at the moment but gnoll and jinko look like main candidates.

I guess after the initial testing it’s safe to announce the upcoming Android mobile version. I can’t give an exact date for its arrival since it’s far from finished but I’ll do my best roll it out in April. The mobile version has some unique platform-based problems which need tending. After the initial delivery, it will use the same logic as any other platform, including early access release waves.

Crash problem is still with us and somehow it looks like Yorna will be completed before I’ll get any meaningful answer from nwjs team or RPG Maker support. They are still answering with the same ”We are working on this issue” standard mails. Yes, the autosave feature made playing somewhat easier but still…

You can expect some interface changes and quality of life improvements. For example, the ability to use several herbal teacups through a single interaction. Players asked about this several times and this feature will arrive in v0.8. Feel free to contact me with other ideas!

Also, I drafted new dialogue mini-scenes for Yorna - they’ll feature both new and old monster girls. In one of them, Ayane the kitsune will offer Ada special training at her shrine to help her in future battles. What can go wrong?

Optional faction story lines will receive news quest, one for each faction. You’ll see a special ritual to help the common folk who suffer from lust aura’s influence in nun’s quest line. And the refugees” task will serve a start for a special operation!

These are the main points for March -> April development. Some details may change a bit during the month but not that much. Stay tuned for updates and previews!

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