Developer plans for April -> May

Hello! Another month, another release and it’s time to talk about what I will do in the upcoming month aside from the usual story + puzzle + treasure hunting combo.

Before we begin - don’t forget to participate in the new monster girl poll for Yorna v0.9.

Let’s start with H stuff. You can expect 2 normal scenes - one for the boss and the other one for common enemies. As usual, they will arrive with normal and lewd versions. Aside from this, I’ll finish vagabond’s factional quest line and add an H event to it. Its codename is ”Operation Penetration” featuring Jinko and Raiju. You can also expect at least one domination scene in v0.9.

To sum it all up, the update will bring at least 4 new H events with 6 scenes.

Android version is already available to patrons and I’m waiting for feedback. Soon enough it will be open for everyone during the public release. Feel free to send me what you think about it and your ideas about how the game could be improved interface-wise.

Factional quests - I’ll finish vagabond’s quest line in a rather interesting way :) Nuns will receive some attention too yet I’m not sure if their line will end in v0.9. This depends on my workload and free time - I have some business trips planned for the next month.

If you like the mini-scenes, you’ll get at least two in the upcoming update. Since Ada’s room is already has a lot of them, I’ll expand into different zones like the herb garden, your castle’s courtyard and possibly the village. Players and detective Mio will have a chance to learn more about other monster girls :)

Since I mentioned the castle, let’s touch the lab too. It will receive new formulas, including the final form of the named blades (like Talon and Companion) to help Ada in the final battle with Yorna.

Also, some players mentioned they wanted to get panda’s dress, and it’s doable within v0.9 development window. You can expect at least one new dress.

As I already mentioned earlier, there are some quality of life changes planned too. Like removing target confirm for food and potions - players simply don’t need them since Ada doesn’t have a sidekick.

These are the main points for April -> May development. Stay tuned for updates and previews!

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