Development plans for May -> June

Hello! Another month, another release and it’s time to talk about what I will do in the upcoming month aside from the usual combo.

Before we begin - don’t forget to participate in the new monster girl poll for Yorna v1.0.

Let’s start with H stuff. You can expect 2 normal scenes - one for the boss and the other one for a common enemy. As usual, they will arrive with normal and lewd versions. You can expect at least one domination scene in v0.9.

After completing vagabond quest line, I’m planning to finish nuns next. Most likely they won’t get a second H event, just cutscenes and some rewards for following the quest chain to the end.

Android version will get some tuning based on players’ feedback. Feel free to pitch it and suggest something or point out something you want to change.

This month, I’ll try my best to finish Yorna’s plotline and implement all the three planned endings. So, v1.0 will be the last update with story content. What will be my next step?

In short, we’ll enter an interlude where I’ll be adding new content to Yorna while players will choose a new project from a few options. After this, I’ll draft out the winner and switch over to the new game. I’ll give more details after releasing v1.0.

The last point is a technical one - crashes. I pointed out several code areas which may contain the problem. For this month, this will be the second goal importance-wise. Yes, the autosave somewhat softens the issue yet looks like the next game will use RPG Maker too. Thus, I’m very interested to solve this problem.

Sadly, there‘s no guarantees and support teams both from RPG Maker and nwjs can‘t give me an answer even after 4 months and full access to the game code.
These are the main points for May -> June development. Stay tuned for updates and previews!

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