Yorna v1.01 release (EX) and full changelog

Hello! The first month of working on a new game passed and this means it’s time to release the first EX version of Yorna.

You can download the latest release here.

If you are not familiar with it – EX are updates which I will make until the point where I can fully shift my attention to the new game and make a release for it. These releases will typically have new domination H events, monster girl small cutscenes and minor improvements.

H content

Moth, tenta-girl and minotaur receive their domi events. To trigger a domination victory, you’ll need to use lust magic skills like “Seduce” and “Lust Bolt” to overwhelm your opponent without using any other offensive means. Depleting enemy’s HP bar with lust energy will trigger a special domination scene.

You can find all available H events in the gallery and it’s a good idea to check which enemies have domination scenes. I put new arrivals in the end of domi section and before factional stuff.

Minor Improvements

Expanded several maps from Nymph’s forest and the desert. These zones still had some issues with Ada’s on-map sprite concealing walkable tiles.

Added more interactive tiles to Sand Town’s merchants to make it similar to the starting village. No additional functions added just an atmosphere change.

Hidden Ada’s on-map sprite for Android version. It will still appear during dialogues or cutscenes but will no longer obscure the map.

Added a note to “Seduce” and “Lust bolt” skills to mention the domination scenes. No changes in domi victory logic.

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