Yorna v1.02 (EX) full change log

You can download the game the last EX version here. This release brings several big interface changes so the public version will get them a bit later, minus the H content and scenes. I’ll make a separate post after thorough testing along with developer's plans. Estimated date - August 19th.

H scenes and art

v1.02 brings three new domination scenes featuring night gaunt, gargoyle and titania. As always, you can find new scenes towards the end of the gallery. These events use the usual logic to get – defeat monster girls without using damaging skills, just lust magic like “Seduce” and “Lust Bolt”.

Miniscenes with monster girls

This content pack brings 2 new mini-scenes. In the first one, you’ll see Leary’s reaction to the world’s unfairness. You can get this event after beating the final boss and entering the castle’s garden.

In the second scene, you’ll witness Gabby’s final decision about drinking with a little bit of help from a gargoyle. This event is available earlier – just enter the castle’s kitchen after beating Cheshire.

Interface changes

Mobile version got a new button to hide and show Ada’s on-map sprite. It’s pretty much the same as pressing Q in the desktop version and now Android players can toggle it too.

GUI received an interesting upgrade with detailed item comparison for equip and shop menus. In the new version, the game will show all the stat changes if Ada will equip the new item. This way you can understand if you really want the new gear without buying it first.

So, what are these extra stats? Aside from already familiar physical + magical attack and defense, there are several others. Guess I need to give a proper description to avoid possible confusion. And just to be sure – these stats were active all the time so nothing changes power-wise.

Speed affects action order during combat. Characters with higher speed act first. Some skills can affect your speed both positively and negatively. For example, healing skills and drinking potions have top priority to avoid scenarios where players decide to heal but get finished off by a faster enemy.

Luck affects Ada’s debuff resistance. Higher luck makes getting bleeding and other negative states harder. The effect gets even better if you already have some kind of gear with extra resistance to some kind of debuff. The same goes backward - higher luck allows easier placing debuffs on your enemies easier.

Crit is self-explanatory – higher crit means more critical hits both with skills and common attacks. Please note, not all skills can have crits.

Dodge – allows evading physical attacks, the higher the better. Doesn’t help with magic and lust attacks since they check against Ada’s magical defense. Dodging an attack will nullify all damage and debuff application.

Accuracy is dodge’s counter, it negates enemy’s evading ability. By default, each normal attack has a 100% chance to land, minus foe’s dodge. So, if Ada’s accuracy is lower than enemy’s dodge, her attacks may miss. If her accuracy is equal or greater than opponent’s dodge, all attacks will hit the mark.

Max HP & MP – boost Ada’s maximum health and mana respectively.

Small fixes and improvements

Added missing icon for simple earrings.

Fixed strange rock formations inside the cave with dark matter girls.

Adjusted several item descriptions. They were too long for the description window and ended abruptly.

Minor map geometry improvements.

What’s next?

During the next month, I’ll move to the 3rd and final phase of preparation for the new game. Which means more previews and the last update for Yorna. Also, thanks to one of the players, I’ll post Yorna’s walkthrough after polishing it a bit.

Want to know more? Stay tuned for upcoming developer’s plans!

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