Developer’s plans for August -> September period

It was a pretty busy month, yet I completed almost all of the base logic for the new project. This means I’m ready to start filling it with content like maps, events and so on. The only thing which blocks me from advancing to phase III is animating scenes. Still, need to work on the process + some non-obvious issues appeared during work.

Most artists don’t mix drawing art and animating it and, honestly, it’s the right choice. Well, the problem is – I can’t get more people onboard to tackle animated scenes as 2 separate tasks for artists and animators. Thus, I’m checking who can handle it and how much animation workload I’ll need to do myself.

So, my main goal for August -> September period will be finalizing the animation routine process and choosing the features to put inside the initial release. Looks like some of these will have to wait a bit before appearing. Not a big deal. Yorna demonstrated that minor feature like mini-games can be added during monthly releases.

Also, RPG Maker MV has a lot of fantasy-themed sprites, both characters and tilesets. Can’t say modern or sci-fi themes received the same love. I’ll need to prepare quite a bit of custom graphics to make the proper mood and setting for the game.

The band I’m working with is recording the main theme for Cyberthing (yeah, the name won’t stick for long). It’s one of the more difficult tracks if not the most difficult one – still it’s an important element. After that, we’ll switch to combat tracks and ambient. If all goes well, it will be juicy ^^

Tech-wise, I would like to tinker a bit with feature plugins but it’s nothing serious, just adapting stock solutions for my own needs and testing them. It’s a good way to switch from animation stuff and will add more cyberpunk flavor to the game.

Most of this work will be for the gallery. Instead of pure CG mode like in Yorna, the new project will have the animation-only option without text. Plus, I want to add buttons so players will control the flow of the H scene, unlike Yorna where you could only advance forward.

Also, there’s an idea to make several transactions for each stage of H events. Making them slightly different and adding different sounds can make animated scenes much more interesting. 

Going ham, I have an idea about making a short promo teaser for the new game but with so much going on, I’m not sure I will be able to do it properly. Still, it’s worth a shot even if it won’t be ready for the initial release day. We'll see how it'll go.

The public version of Yorna will receive an update August 21st (v1.00c) - new interface and several small fixes. I wanted to roll it out today but found a strange behavior with older plugins which no longer exist in EX version. Need a bit more time to unveil this issue. 

Oh, and the last but not least – publishing the walkthrough, courtesy of DarkLizerd from F95 forum. I want to improve his work and give a bit more details before posting it on Patreon and main forums.

That’s about it. Ask me anything you want and stay tuned for previews and updates.

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