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I have the fire easencea now what

And wen i get the fire easence ware is the spirits that i have to tame

Talk to Ayane the kitsune. If in doubt - check the help button inside the "on-map" menu


How do i get the dress for the winter and the volcano

You need to move further with the plot.

how do i get the fire essence

You get the fire essence from the desert, the bridge-like section. Right in front of the entrance, you can see a resource point and the get there you’ll need to climb the roots up. You can also use them to get on the lower platforms and find the chest you need.

Deleted 2 years ago

I can't find it.. Any other tips? Sorry but I'm stuck

You need a narrow path before the puzzle zone. Climb the roots down.

Where is Mortimer tower?

At the South East of the map

hey Yeehaw Games!!! I just wanna say that this is the best game I have ever played!!! And I have one question....How can you increase the slut level quickly?? I can't wait for your reply :)


I found the fastest way was the group sex in the mansion. No choices to make, and you can just keep clicking in the same place for 5 minutes. No movement / respawning to do

ahh thanks!! 


Glad you liked Yorna. Adding to previous comments - from version 0.9 you can buy lust drafts from alchemist's shop after finishing her quest.

No problem and thanks!!!!

I hope the game will be finished soon!!

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Hi, Great update as usual but I can't help but notice that if you are in the lounge and you have Intra-Castle movement on, the speeling (bit ironic isn't it?) of lab is wrong. Also, I'm having trouble getting past the 0.7v part of the nun quest line. What do I need to do next

Hello, fixed the movement menu in v0.9. The nun quest is on hold because I worked on finishing up vagabond's plotline.

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How come there is an error to the 0.8v  still love the game though. But the error keeps popping for like 5 secs. The error says "Failed to load:audio/bgm/Mortimer_Tower.m4a"

same here

Thanks for the info. I'll check it out. You use the mobile version, right?

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Sorry for the late reply. Yes i use the mobile Version of it.

Already fixed the issue in v0.9

I see Thanks!!

when the 1.8 public release will be available ?

I guess you mean 0.8? You can check this info on my Patreon blog, there's always a post with release wave info in the main section,  like this one. v0.8 will go public May 7th.

damn this is some good stuff

If I click help she say she need to restore the castle so we can use the lab and all it's tools. I build in part the Castel, I helped the vagabond leader and went to mio but I can't go on. Someone can help me? I love this game. 


Go to the castle, enter the workshp and buy the upgrade "Full restoration". You should check others too.

Tank you for answering but I need the fire essence... Where I find it? 

I'm in the snow when I try to going on Ada says it smells... Lewd in there 

you are wrong out

Don't worry I finished the 0.7 version 

so i defeated the oni without losing but does that mean ive now missed out on her scenes???

Of course not. Since the bosses don't respawn and have 2 scene variations, you get a special item to unlock their scenes after defeating them. It looks like a heart. Use it to unlock both scenes from the inventory, save and check the gallery.

First: Great game, having alot of fun playing it.

Second: Just got done giving the priest 10 fell and got invited to the dungeon where she mention someone Master Ryan if I want to help out but I have no idea where to find him.

Glad you liked Yorna. :) Master Ryan will be in the final part of nun’s quest chain - it’s not done yet.

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1. How to unlock baron 's scene?

2. I raise Ada's lust a lot and cant unlock normal scenses with normal monsters. Idont know how to decrease lust,any way to decrease it? 

1: do the mansion a ton and get one time done great (I didn't watch what my lewdness was)

2: in the sand town the temp place offers tea to help with lust after you leave it for a while as with all.

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tks a lot , i didnt mention about the tea cuz i thought it was just chit chat =))  

No problem, I think there are other ways to do it as I was doing an run through of no lewding (aka pure run) and noticed that if you take the time in the early game to (sand cave and before) to power level a bit and don't sell any materials you are usually good for the entire run if you go straight for Matk which makes the game quite easy to avoid the annoyances of the sexual stuff.  So I think there are other ways to get it down but I may have missed it throughout my go through as a result of not losing once, grinding hard early, searching hard and finally doing all the puzzles.

hello guys, i have a short question: how do i transfer my old game data from an older version to the newest ?

Please read the FAQ section before posting questons. It's already covered there:

Since Yorna is still in active development and new releases come up every month. Naturally, you can use your older saves from the previous version in new updates. To do this, you need to copy your entire save folder into the new release. That’s it. Copying only some files will cause problems because Yorna uses global data to function properly.

Where can I get feathers?

Oh and where's the cultist lair? Is it the church?

The feathers are in the forest, on the stump right above where the fairy was. I think the cultist's lair is the cave just on the other side of the mountains, 

Thanks so much! ^_^

Deleted 257 days ago

Just wondering which version has the Volcano puzzle mentioned. Also, there is something about scenes with a panda and another one, but in my game I haven't encountered anything like that. I'm using version 0.7 (or so it says in game and on my save files).

Nevermind. I reinstalled and it all works now. I am wondering how you open those vines in the Nymph Forest though...

If you go north upon entering, there are floating crystals. Interact with them, and a certain combination of them will open the vines.


how can I have fell extract and  fire essence. I hope you can help me :D

The game is always closed itself without notice everything, i played it on windows 10, can you help me fix it ?

I guess you are talking about crashes. This is a known problem and I already traced it to nwjs package, then created support tickets both at RPG maker tech support and nwjs team. So far they are ”working on it” without anything concrete like a test patch.

To somewhat counter this, I made the autosave feature. The game makes an automatic save at the 30th slot each time you change the active map. Simply load it and continue your journey.

Until the devs give me a proper fix, I can’t do much about it.

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Hi, I'm curious where do I get Fell Extract? I'm trying to do the priest story-line/quests and its telling me to get said Fell Extract. Is there a specific place that its located? Another thing that I have been looking for is Gold Ore, which I've come across out of nowhere and without me knowing. If you could help em it would be appreciated, Thank you

You can get fell extract from via drops or gather it from meaty cocoons in the same location. Golden ore resides in caves and underground locations. Generally, it looks different from stone or iron nodes. You can encounter it in the desert region, puzzle zone for the first time.

Do you mind me asking which location this would be in?



where can you find the second pic? is it in the volcanic Depths?

have you considered seeing if you get it on steam they have chilled out about adult games and you don't need to censore it would be a good way to get publicity and money if you can get it on there as an early access.


Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I thought about it but Steam and other shops require you to actually sell your games or software. Since I’m turning all the releases into free public versions after a bit of time, so I’ll need to come up with something like an extended version to use in shops. Or make the final release non-public yet this is a dick move.

you don't need to put a high price you could make it like 3 or 5 dollars and i doubt any one would mind and some games on steam are free but not sure what you need to do to make it free i'm no game developer so you'd have to check that out yourself.

I don't know if I'm being dumb or not but I downloaded to try both sides of fighting the monster girls and sexing them but I can't figure out any way to get abilities to sex them, only fight. Is this currently not implemented or after the Desert area when you go through it the first time?

If you are talking about the domination mode, you'll need to get seduction or lust bolt skills and then win the fight only using them.

Apologies for late reply, I checked again and I noticed I was on version 0.5 (found out about this from news site). I have downloaded the latest version, sorry for wasting time. :S

Hello. Sorry for wasting your time but I'm stuck; I can't find the Fire essence. I have already read some of the tips you gave for finding it but I can't seem to find it. By the way, the game is amazing. It kept me entertained from the start, something most games aren't capable of doing.

Sorry for wasting your time.  Have a nice day! :)

You get the fire essence from the desert, the bridge-like section. Right in front of the entrance, you can see a resource point and the get there you’ll need to climb the roots up. You can also use them to get on the lower platforms and find the chest you need.

Thank you!

I got the chest a while ago, so I don't really remeber what I got. However, I have the fire crystal and the magic essence.  I have been going there but I no longer understand what is going on. Sorry for wasting your time. 

In this case, just visit Ayane and she will help you to tame the essence. If you feel stuck and don’t know what to do next - try the help function from the ”on-map” menu. Ada will give you a hint.


N where is she

Great game! 

Some questions I had

Is there a trick to doing the volcano puzzle? I can't figure it out. I understand how it works, I just can't solve it.

Are the side quests finished? I got the alchemist the root, the Vagabonds the poison, and delivered the crosses to the nuns, and all of them said something along the lines of "I should check back in a few days" but none of them do anything

THere seems to be a bug where if you are wearing an item that has a lewdness requirement, and something happsn that changes your lewdness to where you can't wear it, you are just stuck

Glad you liked Yorna :) You can find the solution for volcano puzzle here. Though I recommend beating it on your own - just use the tablet and follow its instructions to the letter.

No, side quests are still in production. Both alchemist route and factions. Nuns will receive an update and a scene in the next release. I'm also working on fugitives but not sure if I can prepare everything for their own H event.

Yes, I fixed this bug in v0.7. Are you using the public version?

yo do old verison saves not work on the update I was playing 4 I think and updated to 6 had most of the game done

What “does not work” means? The saves should be 100% compatible. Do you get some kind of error or simply can’t find the saves when you try to load? Did you copy your whole save folder into the new release?

they automatcally moved over into this.
I never made a file 30 and I always saved in file one.

Slot 30 is used for the autosave so it's not a problem. Did you copy the entire save folder from the previous version into the new one? People often try to transfer only the save files they use like 1 or 2 but the game uses global data files to track a number of variables.

If you did so and the problem still persists - send me your zipped save folder from the previous version and I'll check it out.

yo I figured out the problem. sorry for taking so long. took a break from these style of games. anyway because I use the app to update the game for me. it wipes the entire global data and replaces it with a fresh one whle keeping the old save file. 
pretty for I'm going to have to restart the game.

Oh... I guess backing up save files into a different folder before updating the game can do the trick.

I can't tame the  fire spirit even I try around 5 hours, please help

Well, what's the problem? You get the fire essence from the desert, bring it to Ayane at her shrine - bam, you are done. Can't find the essence? Climb down the roots.

thank you

can someone tell me what to do, im at the point where i need to find out whether the ever burning orb is true and how to tame a fire spirit for fire essence and i have zero idea what going on. 

You need to find fire essence. Ayane the kitsune from the pine forest gives you a vague its location - the desert. Bring it to her. After taming the fire crystal, Ayane will guide you to the snowy mountains to the East of her forest. Taming the fire essence will allow Ada to ignore the cold and proceed further to get the air crystal.

If you are stuck or don’t know what to do next - try the ”Help” button in the game menu. Just hit ”Escape” on the map to call it.

I had a question, I can't exactly find the air essence in the snowy area. Could you help please?

Defeat Idris the Raiju in the mountains to get it. She's in the Northern part of the zone.

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The thing is, I dont know how to get to her. May you tell me that?

Well, what's the problem? Go to Ice Peaks zone, move through the cave and into the open map with the healing statue. Get inside the cave right beside it and voila.

I really like your game and I'm always excited playing this on every update.

I just have a question about new features upcoming. Do you plan adding some bulging scenes depending the sizes of cocks or amounts of cums?

Thanks again for everything :D

I'm a bit confused as to why I can't seem to unlock the Mansion - Rider scenes. Am I just missing something or are those patreon specials as well?

The scene has lewd level restriction + random chance of appearing during Ada’s work in the mansion. Patron version has no difference compared to the public one except an earlier release date.

so, I'm currently grinding for 69 slut levels and i've noticed that its pretty much only minotaur and jinko that give you slut levels. Also, i was wondering if there was a limit to how many slut levels you can get per level because its really frustrating having to grind out levels so about 10-12 of the new mob just so i can go to the mino's and get no slut levels.

Honestly, it took me around 10 minutes to understand why you try to grind out 69 slut levels %) Don’t. This is more of the part of future content (ending, to be exact) and parading Ada naked won’t give you any extra scenes or skills.

Yorna simply won’t allow you to get 69 levels without cheating at the moment.

am i the only one that's having a problem with installing this game on the app cus it just leads me to the page and i can't install it from the app anymore it's been like this for a few updates now and it still hasn't changed

Hmm, can't say anything about the app install except I didn't change the way I upload new releases. Try contacting itch support about this - I can't influence their software

I love your game! The art style is amazing, and the sex scenes are great! Unfortunately, I can't seem to unlock the regular scenes? The non-slut ones? Is there a requirement for that or do I have to just keep fighting the monsters until it unlocks?

Glad you like Yorna ^^ Scenes you get depend on Ada’s slut level. The logic works as a boundary. If you have enough for a slutty variation - you will unlock it, if you don’t - you’ll get a normal version instead.

If you want to reduce Ada‘s slut level, try herbal tea from the sand temple. You can buy it from the apprentice but getting slut levels back will be harder after using it.

Deleted 2 years ago

I'll do that then, but I'm thinking of using another save slot. That way, I'll have two versions of Ada, a normal Ada and a slutty one lol. So excited for the next update ^_^

HEYOOO! I LIKE YOUR GAME! Though, I hope you read through and consider my comments. From a player to the devs.

Played through the whole game and so far, no bugs and crashed only once for me. (Seriously, just save every time you do something no matter how simple it is, you pause when you save anyway and it's quick) It just crashed when I was running a bunch of stuff in the background like Fl Studio.

The story was nice, buuuut, I just feel like it's missing something. Maybe more side quests? = more "new" characters. The start of the game was a bit slow, especially that I have to farm coins by killing  monsters or getting myself fucked in the mansion routine-like. The mansion has so much missing though. No 2nd scene to visit the Baron in his room, and those I "Serve" have no longer story and have the same scenes with all the others. Maybe, add the King-looking-big-boy a story when the storm ends. The basement looks like it have some use though. I'm not sure with the whole story progression, but as a player, at this stand-point there's so much missing. 

I'm also developing a game but I'm not a dev of this game, so  here's a few suggestions, from your dear player to the devs of this game.

Maybe a morning-night system. Doesn't force you to sleep but different options are offered from day to night. Like, you can fuck one of the girls or a slave or a worker in the castle, in your room at night. And maybe in the mansion, at night you can visit the Baron and fuck him for more money, but the more you fuck him, a progress between you and him happens. Maybe, he gets addicted to you and locks you in the basement or makes you marry him???

I feel like maybe the basement can have a use like when you "die" there's a chance you get captured to the Baron's basement of "more girls cellar", and you have to serve him and bunch to be free. I don't know, glory w***le, or*y, BD*M?  It's practically an extra.

Both villages can use more additions though. Like, someone who'll pay you for a fuck, someone who "likes" you, or maybe a slaver (like what about an alternate ending that you lose "cuz ure too slutty" and become a slave to the people and need to rank up to continue your quest). The villages are just too quiet.

I LOVE it that you make the map small and not that big to get lost in like the other games I've played. Small but not crowded, but could use a more dense story. Art style is OMF SO GOOD! Gets the room hot right away. Dialogues are lit af and not too cheesy. Smooth and guideful, doesn't get you lost and searching up on what and how and where to do your quests. The sounds are really good! How'd you do that? The moans are in perfect sync with the scenes!!! Combats aren't that hard making it a good H-game and not a fighting RPG games like other 18+games like this one. 

Story is fine for now, expecting more next update, maybe add more side quests and hope you liked the suggestions.

From player to the devs, cheers to Ada!

Glad you liked Yorna and took the time to give me your thoughts and suggestions :)

Thanks for ideas. I’m adding more optional activities from v 0.4 onwards. If you played through the patron-only version, there’s treasure hunting as a new activity. v0.5 will bring more side actions like a blackjack card game and secondary mini-quests. As for the mansion, yes, I plan to develop it further and use the basement for ”heavier” stuff.

Yorna is still way off the ending phase and I only drafted 3 main ending this far. Don’t know about bad endings since the game isn’t punishing players during the usual gameplay but I’ll think about them.

As for the sex sounds, I use 2 soundtracks - one for the background ”passive” sound and the second one is for ”reactive” effects. Synched audio fires with corresponding text blocks to improve H event’s atmosphere while the passive line creates a decent backdrop. Since I can’t use animation in Yorna, this trick looked like one of the best ways to liven up sex scenes.


the game keeps crashing on me  - really makes me wish there was an autosave function. Oh well. Its not that im losing too much progress, its just constantly setting me back on the grinding for money and whatnot.

This is quite strange. Did you download the game from Itch? I advise to try getting the game directly from the Patreon.

There was a strange case where Yorna had random crashes if players downloaded the game from Itch. No amount of debug and code-digging revealed the problem, then the player re-downloaded the game from a direct link on the Patreon and the problem disappeared on its own.

tried  that - still having crashing issues. and i doubt its a hardware issue - ive got a computer strong enough to run Just Cause 3 at good framerates

Naaah, RPG Maker games should run on a microwave - it’s not a hardware problem per se. Okay, if you tried the suggested and the issue is still alive, I need to take a look at your client folder. Can you send a link to a zipped ”as-is” Yorna from your PC to

the only problem i have is on the lv system it freezes at 16 and lust lv 52... is that part of the game or is there a bug?

The 69 joke went too far it seems >> There's no content in the game which requires 69 lust, or greater than 15 actually. Guess I'll delete it in the next update.

Isn't there a feature where you can get her to walk around naked if you gain 69 lust?

You can do this but this won't trigger any new scenes.

I tried going in the workshop but this happened 

This is quite strange. Did you download the game from Itch? I advise to try getting the game directly from the Patreon.

There was a strange case where Yorna had random crashes if players downloaded the game from Itch. No amount of debug and code-digging revealed the problem, then the player re-downloaded the game from a direct link on the Patreon and the problem disappeared on its own.

Hellp, i wanted to know if there was a way to play it for left handed people

can u change the key bind?

You can play Yorna with a mouse only so it shouldn't be a big problem

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im stuck on the "fire crystal" bit i have no idea what it means. i already got the blade from the tile puzzles, so i dont know what else there is in the desert....

EDIT: got past that - but the game never gives any indication of climbable vines before that, so it was confusing as hell.

every time i try to start it says uncaught syntaxerror: unexpected token 1 how do i fix it?

Which version do you use? Check out guides for MacOS and Linux

i use windows 10 it worked with the 2.0 but the 2.5 wont work for it 

I’ll look into this problem on a fresh Win 10 vm as soon as possible. Can you send me a screenshot with the error to Did you transfer your older saves into the new version?

Plus, did you try to download and run the game from other sources like Patreon page? Perhaps it’s the problem with Itch, no guarantees though as I’m still troubleshooting.

ok i should have sent you an email but it did work using the patreon so i guess it might be somthing rong with

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