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is there a way to copy my progres from the pc version to mibile version?

Technically, you can transfer your save files into mobile version but this requires root access. Considering the risks, I decided not to make any kind of guides for this to avoid collateral damage.

Lust bolt is magic, right?

It is.

then shouldn't silence work on it? Or does yorna get a free pass?

It’s a matter of skill and potential. Yorna is an ancient monster girl and while she hasn’t returned to her full power at the moment of the boss fight, she’s still very strong. To effectively work, silencing user must be at least neat target’s power level. Otherwise, the target will hardly notice the hindrance.

Imagine you are playing tug-of-war with a first-grader. Most likely he won’t be able to do anything. Swap the child with a pro powerlifter and suddenly the situation changes dramatically.

I see. At least it's not final fantasy rules. Friggin boss immunity.

For some reason I can't install this game nothing shows up for the install tab it gives a loacation but no install selection.

Nevermind I was able to download it from the web page.

i  have finished the game and beaten the final boss but my progres is at 91% what else do i have to do?

Optional activities and quests like the mansion, alchemy mini-quest. Also, check out vagabond's camp and Octa church - they have their own small questlines.

i have done everything you mensioned when i press the help button no text appear

Help function will give you tips only about the main quest and secondary objectives you discovered yourself. For example, if you won't visit Octa church on your own and take a quest there, help option in the menu won't mention it.

Besides, it's optional stuff - don't get fixated on it.

how do i unlock both the slutty and the normal cg in some cases i have only one of the two and in some others i have both

do i have to use sertain moves or surrender or something else?

The choice is tied to Ada's lewd level at the moment of losing the battle or scene activation.

i am assuming that the lewd level is displayed by Ada's expression but every time i surrender or lose the battle the lewd level is high so how do i lose with a low lewd level so i can unlock the normal cg

nevermind i found out

I fibished the game oh yeah 


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Can i use my old save files for updated versions ?

Yes, of course. Copy your entire save folder into the new release and you are ready to go.

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Just for sure in case 

Copy the whole save folder and paste it into the new ones save folder right ? 

I just dont wanna do the whole thing again 

Even if you somehow miss the right destination, you can check it in the previous project and try again.


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I know im asking too much questions but its an  nice adventure game right ? So 

Sometimes enemies are attacking first  at combat. Is it randomize or have a way to attack first ? 

Check info posts like this one. This way you'll find an answer faster.

Speed affects action order during combat. Characters with higher speed act first. Some skills can affect your speed both positively and negatively. For example, healing skills and drinking potions have top priority to avoid scenarios where players decide to heal but get finished off by a faster enemy.

In that room of books like a demon summoner thing wjats the button combination im bad at puzzels a bit

These puzzles are optional - you can beat the game without solving even one. Save them for later or just ignore puzzles if you find them difficult.



Im so glad to i dont need to solve it

Whats seal away skill does ? 

It says my enemy is silenced but its like nothing else happened


It restricts enemies from using some skills. There are combat moves that not require verbal components and your foes still can use them even while silenced.


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How do i get the air crystal from the snowie forest i can not find it how where i have to go there is a cave but i can't not get any closer. Can some one help me?

You get it after defeating raiju boss.

I'm on mobile, is there any way to enable Ada's image on the right side of the screen? I seem to have disabled it and idk how to enable it.

As I mentioned in my last post about the new patch, Ada’s on-map sprite is hidden except for cutscenes. Players actively messaged me that they want to see more map instead of Ada.

This is a temporal solution until I'll get more time to make a proper toggle option for mobile.

where is the cultist lair? i cant seem the find the spot thats on the map

nvm  im blind

where in the desert do i get fire essence?

Climb the roots down or read any of 6 posts with the same question.

I'm playing on mac and I can't save at all, it says error: EROFS: read-only file system followed by a bunch of location names. Any fix?

Yes, if I understand the problem correctly, the solution is in FAQ section for MacOS platform.

I tried that but it didn't work...

That's strange because the exact same error was fixed by following the guide. Basically, the game says that it can't create the save file because it doesn't have enough rights to do so.

"4. If it's not the case - set it yourself via the menu. After changing permissions click on the gear icon and choose the "Apply to enclosed items" option from the drop-down menu."

I think the main problem is here. I can't find apply to enclosed items, the setting just seems to save itself as read and write.

Check for similar options. In different versions, it may be there under a different name. Plus, the problem is that Yorna can’t make a save files inside the ”save” folder. So, in theory, you should try to change write permissions for it and this should work.

How can I get 10 fell extracts

You can get them later in the game.

if this is also a page for suggestions, if you haven't thought about it yet have you thought about animating any of the scenes? Also will there be a scene with the dark robe woman on the title screen? 

No, I’m preparing the animation support to use Live2d v3 in RPG Maker MV but it’s for the next project. I plan to make it bigger and better than Yorna with all the ideas and experience I got during the development.

Yes, you’ll get H content with Desona.

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I am stuck in the part where I’ve to talk with Mio, she says that she is tired and she has to relax. I can’t enter to the volcano or the ice place either. 

How should I continue?

If you are where I think you are you have to go find her teacher in the pine forest which is right below the vagabond camp and I think the lumberjack village, go to that forest and go down one area and then take a right and go through that path and walk into the temple courtyard and talk to Mio's teacher.

how to get the " vagabonds-raiju " scene ?

Complete vagabond's questline.

how ? i don't know how complete the quest

Talk with vagabond's leader and use the help funtion if you are stuck.

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How to you get into the 'lewd cave' in the Ice Peaks area?

You can't. The cave serves as a home for Raiju so she won't have to freeze her ass in the snow.

what is password for shady guy ?


The code is part of Master reward tier and above from the Patreon.

can somebody tell me exactly where the water crystal is? I can't find it also because I don't know where the cave is

Ayane the kitsune will open a portal on tower’s ground floor. Use it to get inside the crystal cave and explore the zone.

the dress to unlock lewd skill, when did it appear at diana's shop? What are the condition to make it appear? Thank

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You get one from a Sally the succubus after you defeat her in the crystal cave. The second dress (Wild Lotus) is available from Diana’s shop after you rescue Serena.

So not near the game start but after some play time. Thanks for the answer.

Hello there!! May i has a clue on how to get the Shady Guy's codes... am so curious to know what it is.

P. S. I love this game so much. 💓♥️❤️

Glad you liked Yorna. The code is part of Master reward tier and above from the Patreon.

Hey, is it possible to get rid of extra Fell Extract from the inventory? I can't sell it, and there doesn't seem to be a way to drop it. (Sorry, I like having a clean inventory!)

Err... No, looks like it doesn’t have a selling price so you can’t get rid of it. But, with all honesty, it shouldn’t bother you at all. It goes into the materials and key items inventory’s tab and you don’t need to interact with any of these items directly. Usable items are in ”Items” category.

Plus, it can be awkward if you sell all your crafting materials and unlock a new dress to make. In this case, you’ll need to get all the materials from scratch. Also, you will need fell extract for nun’s quest and the lab.

Just leave it there.

Ah, alright! Thanks!

zip isnt working(4 me) cant get it to start

What does ”isn’t working” and ”cant get it to start” mean? Just downloaded all 4 options simultaneously and all of them are ok. I don’t know what to say if you don’t give me any relevant information. Try downloading the game on Patreon?

nvm somehow its working now idk whats going on but it didnt work before when i try to start the game

Ok, just include relevant info in the futute. It's like visiting a doctor with only "It hurts" as a description of your problem - impossible to help without details.

how do I repair the bridge and what is the code next to the castle

Lumberjack’s village across the bridge once you get to it by a circuitous route via the mountain pass. The code is Patreon reward.

How do you unlock lewd skills? is it a certain dress?

Yeah, lewd skills are unlocked through dresses like any other skill in the game.

how can i get my advanced in the previous version and put it in the new version?

Check out the frequently asked questions post.

How do you get the "Domination" scene?

Win the battle using only offensive lust skills like "Seduce" and "Lust bolt"

i  cant vote but can u do  league of coruption i have ideas maby u can  think of adding 


can u make game downloadable on itch  and can u fix part where u have to restart when u update

Last time I tried uploading Yorna directly to Itch, players had problems with downloading the game. Guess I’ll give it another shot with the upcoming public release.

Saves are and were compatible among all versions from 0.5 to 1.0 - you don’t need to start over. Copy your save folder from an older release into the new one and continue with your adventure.

it workd  for me befo when u had on itch but when one of updates came  no longer worked

for those  who dont have a issue with it  on itch can u  have it for itch to  i  was fine till one of the updates then said not availible  if u can put   1.0 when its out for itch and one on one u been doing  that be good ill let u know if it works 


What I have to do next

Talk to the monster girl at the piano.

Where is the witch? It says to check Mortimer's tower but I can't find anything. Playing V.09

Check the rubble blocking the stairs up in the tower. Ada will sense a trace of teleportation magic and open it. Use the new portal to get inside the tower.

where do you find the 10 bottles of fell extract?

Tenta-girl den later in the game as drops and harvestable nodes.

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