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 just to expand on "CorruptedHeartOfSin" comment could we get a guide / walkthrough. im having a tonne of trouble solving the tile puzzle in the earth essence region

Did you try googling it up? As for the walkthrough, there's one on my Patreon. Though it was submitted by a player and not myself.

Also, if you can't solve a puzzle you are free to skip it since you don't need these to solve the game except a really easy one in the desert.

literially just solved it. google brought back numerous results. i totally forgot about the reset switch at some point also (thinking i had already hit it)

Is it possible to get a walkthrough of how to find the treasure? Because i've been stuck on the same two for a week now and it's frustrating. Please help Thanks.

also is there a way to reduce your slutness lvl or not?

All treasures are optional. If you can't find it - skip it.

Potions can change Ada's lewd level. You can get them from the temple in the sand city and the first village's alchemist.

Thank you :)

so... the geomancers cache. beheind the vines... how the hell do you get the damn thing. the ones in the nymph foresst. 

By using the flying crystals. After getting the right combination you will hear a sound cue.

this is by far one of my favourite nsfw rpgs, it would be great if there was a sequel of some sort but it doesnt really matter

i  want to ask, why when i want to save this error always occurs. Thank you 

Your active user doesn't have the right to write into the game's folder and Yorna can't make a save. Check the properties of Yorna's folder and ensure that your active user has rights to write and execute on the folder and all the files in it.

So uhhhm I'm stuck on the puzzle on the chilly ridge and I don't know what to do, pls help

Skip it then. Most puzzles are completely optional.

I've been thinking about picking up the game, but was curious, is the content mostly Yuri? 

About 60%~-70% yuri H scenes I would say.

I already beat leary. Is there any way I can still get the slutty scene

All bosses award heart-shaped items. Using it in the inventory will unlock all H scenes with the boss.

thqnks alot!

Downloaded it on android, but am unable to install it. When I try, it gets most of the way through the installation process, then just stops and says "app not installed". It gives me no further details than this. I don't think there is anything unusual about my device, so it's presumably something that you'll need to fix in a later version. Regardless, any tips for getting it to work for me now? Or failing that, ways of forcing androids to actually give me any goddamn information on this sort of thing?

Some players reported that not switching focus from the installing app helped them with similar problems. If this won't work for you, just use the desktop version.

After restarting my phone, it eventually worked... BUT, I still can't play it; it crashes as soon as the intro cutscene ends. Consistently; have tried it 3 times. It always breaks in the same spot, right in front of the destroyed castle which I'm assuming is where I'm supposed to be getting control of my character.

Well, that's something new. Guess the desktop version is the way to go.

So I completed the game BUT one question, how do I unlock the Mansion Duo scene?


There's a bug it automatically exit the game in the start in Android

Hey can you add a mega link for some reason my phone can't download it

If Itch's download links don't work for you can always download all my games from the main post of my Patreon. It has the same versions for public release as Itch, and you can choose between Google drive and Mega.

Thanks for the advice


Wjy dows it say forbidden after downloading for a while

Btw i run on and android. 8 device so idk if it works for my phone please tell me how to properly run this game cuz the game really looks amazing and full of passion 

There's no special trick for installing Yorna. It should run as any other apk. If this doesn't work for you for some reason, consider using a desktop version.

this game is not amazing, it started off good but then in the new area it got annoying and fast, first off the puzzles are a no go i mean seriously why the puzzles and with terrible movement cause ada moves like a skank dodging the rolling rocks is out of the question, now with most games they have skip button soo why not have it on that part, three hearts is not enough considering there is no straight pattern, might want to update the game, was also gonna put money into it for you but i don't support annoying games, just stick to a normal rpg experience without all the random crap added

There are plenty of safe spaces to stand.

till you get to the last area, the boulders have no rhyme or reason at all

guys, help me, i use macbook and this error appears when saving the game

Just as the error says, your active user doesn't have the right to write into Yorna's folder, so the game can't save your options. Adjust your user rights. Here's MacOS FAQ for extra info.

Where or how do I get Fire Essences?

It's in the desert, bridge-like zone.

Here? I've already cleared this area and got the 3 chests that's here.

This is the only Bride-Like Area I'm available towards

Oh no, Did I screw up and got the Fire Crystal too Early??

You can get it early too. Just talk to Ayane at the kitsune shrine and everything will be fine.

Can someone help me for the Sand cave 

I dont know how to get After the firewall

You will be able to do this after you'll master the flame element with Ayane's (the kitsune) help.

how does the advanced alchemy work?

After getting new books, Ada will be able to brew stronger potions.

Is there a way to transfer a save to a different version like Windows to android

You can try copy-pasting the entire save folder into a different version release, but I can't guarantee it will work without any problems.

Hello, I really loved the game and spent bit too much time on it.  But I am still unable to 100% it, even though I have finished all quests, side quests included. I also have a full gallery and all of the dresses. Puzzles are completed too, same withmaps

What do I have to do to 100% the game? 


Heya, glad you liked Yorna! As for 100% clear, my suggestion is optional quests like Ayane's line on the second island. If you already did it, then don't worry about this since you already beat the game.

I have, I know I've beat the game too. But I really would want to 100% it, and it seems to be a frequent issue that people cant 100% it either. Seeing by the comments atleast

It's something small like an optional mini-scene with dialogues. After developing Yorna for more than 3 years I can't remember all the stuff I put in it :>

Deleted 76 days ago

Yeah, all characters with H scenes are 18+ While the game has smaller characters like Momo, these are for fun and cuteness only.

Just made an account to thank you for this game. I am SHOCKED at how much content there is. It's so addictive and I always have something to do.. not to mention the juicy artwork. Keep at it, my dude!! :)

Glad you liked Yorna! Consider leaving a rating - this will help others to find the game.

Anyone know how to beat the 4 by 4 square puzzle in the fire tower?

Is this the one you seek? Youtube has solutions for harder puzzles.

So the game is finished then?

Yes, it is.


The Android version doesn't work i cant instal it.

Is there a way i can do it by installing another version ?

Try to maintain the phone's focus on the installing app and not switch to other apps while it's setting up. Some players reported that this helped them. Otherwise, you can use any other platform like Windows. It has the same content as the Android version.

Still doesn't work.

Thank for your help anyway

how you get to the cave ayane is talking about during the floating island quest?


I guess it's Pandarian grotto? It's North of her forest on the global map. The entrance looks like a small patch of forest. Entering it with Ayane's butterfly will allow you to find the grotto.

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nvm thank for making it clearer, i thought she meant to the north part of her forest and not the 1 by the river

I'm back again with my 100% issue. I'm at 97% and I dont know what aditional content I need to do. I beat both campaigns and have all the scenes, but I dont know what else to do. I've gotten all the map rewards, unless I'm missing only one of those, which wouldnt make up for 3%,I know there is the church sidequest, but I don't know if I've completed that or not. I think they may have asked me to do something but I cant repeat that text. I did deliver the things to the nuns in the dessert town and went back, and have everything on the right of the church opened up. I did the vagabond sidequest. I dont know what else is left to do.

Honestly, these 3% is not a big deal since you cleared most of it. As for a wild guess, try out the kitsune shrine on the second island - there Ayane's quest there.

True. And do you mean the block pushing puzzle? Or is there another thing I need to do there I haven't figured out?

Yeah, bookcase pushing is a part of her questline. Return to Ayane in the library with runes from that puzzle and this will trigger the next step of her quest.

Where do you find the save file for android

Inside Chrome cache, but you'll need root access to get these files. I don't recommend doing this if you are not sure what are you doing.

I played this ages ago and really enjoyed it, I was wondering then if there was save data to get back up to the pre final battle prep?

Well, I don't post any saves myself. I guess you can found some in player communities like the F95 forum.

I played the game now for the 2nd time and I have 2 things to say the first of the senas I can only release 60/66 and also the progress of the world is stopped at 95% and the help doesn’t tell me what to do

This means you completed the main questline and this 5% is from optional content.

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hmm is there something wrong with android files?,, i cant install it on my device

No, these should be fine. Any errors during the setup? Also, some players mentioned that keeping the install in the focus and not switching to other apps helped them in weird cases where Yorna didn't want to install right from the start.

Engaging game.  I just wanted to comment that I feel you missed a great dress opportunity after the night gaunt domination scene.  I kept hoping for a living dress to crop up

Glad you liked the game! Consider leaving a rating - this will help other players to find out about Yorna.

I had an idea like this, but it's not just a dress. It's a sentient being. So, implementing something like this would require a lot of extra work. Plus, some players I asked about the idea thought that it was pretty gross and I can see where this came from.

I guess not too many people Rule34 venom/symbiotes :)

Hi! I cannot seem to open the 4 digit combination on the catman ice mountains on the second island. Also, thanks for your hard work. This is a very... interesting game XD

Heya! Glad you liked the game. The key to this puzzle is right in front of you as you enter the zone with it.

For "the zone" you mean the ice mountains in general or the puzzle area? Cause I tried to find the key but I found nothing

The rope ladder. Check it out.

I cant seem to beat the 4 squared tile thing that unlocks the chests in the dungeon in the desert

Check the symbols on the board. One symbol in each selection has an arrow pointing in a direction. Press the same direction on the keyboard or just click the right symbol with your mouse.

On linux, the picture of Ana is attached to the right of the screen even out of a cutscene and in controllable gameplay


Hit Q to hide Ada's sprite.

Thanks, dev

i was wondering how do i get the ring of wisdom?

You can loot a treasure map in slaver's base, the boss room. Follow the map and dig up it along with other goodies.

Ok thank you

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I finished the game, it's soo good, could you make a part 2 in which someone is more stronger than yorna or battle someone like her, or do you guys intend to end the game?

edit: It's really hard to find a game like this, I am a big fan of your work


Thanks! I'm glad you liked Yorna. MonGirl Sexpedition is staged in the same universe. While it's not a direct part 2, the whole story is after the events of Yorna and some characters will make an appearance there too.

There a problem with my Android the screen of the game is glitching a lot.

Thanks for the info. I can only recommend switching to a desktop version. Since the mobile release has a number of problems that I can't solve quickly, I'm thinking about taking down the apk download option so players won't suffer from these flaws. At least this way players won't lose any progress.


Thanks for letting me know hopefully those problem could be solved if not might as well switch to desktop.

How can i get domination scene?

By defeating enemies with lust magic like "Lust bolt" and "Seduce". Check out their descriptions.

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