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I've finished the game gotta say its really good 👌👌👌

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Glad you liked Yorna ^^ Do you mind adding a rating so more people could find the game on Itch?

Nadal nie wiem co się zmieniło od 1.0 do v 1.2.5

how to solve the puzzle by following the fox in the deep mine?

You don't need to follow the fox - she's there to distract you and looks like that kitsune did a fine job ^^ Check out the rooms and follow the hints for directions. You need to find a room with a chest and get Miko's dress from it to advance the kitsune quest.

 co zostało dodane do gry od v1.0 do v1.2.5

You can check out patchnotes on my Patreon or right here, on Itch.

What do I do next when there are no more missions? (93%)

Check optional quests and other activities like Octa church, vagabond camp, etc.

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I can not solve the puzzle in the Vulcanic Depths. I spent an hour and a half trying to get lucky because the puzzle is far too complex to solve in my head. What is this solution? I suggest replacing this puzzle or simply solving it for the player. Seriously. There are literally tens of thousands of combinations to guess through. That is assuming the puzzle is solved in just a few moves. Depending on how many steps it takes to solve there could be millions of possible combinations: 16 x 16 x 16 x 16 x 16. There is no process of elimination solution either.

You need to solve real puzzles, not brute force them or hope to get lucky with a random mash. Yorna is a bit different from "press any button to win" games in this aspect. And, yes, I've already made a solution for it about 2 years ago.


Xin hãy giúp tôi! Tôi không biết phải làm gì.

As far as I can understand the question, you need to speak with either Leary or Gabby inside your castle. You'll see a small cutscene and get the imprint. Make sure you have a crystal before doing this. You can get some in the crystal cave.

I can't seem to understand the panda light puzzle, especially understanding what lamps you are talking about or how to interact with them. I don't know if it's the last puzzle piece I need for the blade or not since I don't believe I missed out a puzzle and Yorna is making me struggle quite a bit so I need better stuff.

Thanks in advance ;)

Just light the lamps in the order in which you see them inside the cave (from the entrance point), including other sections. Lamps are to the sides from the hint tablet.

Yes, Yorna is the first real boss - you'll need to prepare for her a bit. Also, consider lowering Ada's lewd level, this helps with the lewd damage from her.

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Ok thanks I wasn't sure on what I should try to interact with between the two sets of lamps...

Edit : nevermind I feel so stupid I'm playing on mobile and didn't see the lamps lighting up xD

Help me please!


Did you try finding these yourself? It's part of the game experience and isn't hard to find.

Just as the hint says - walk into the small forest North of Ayane's pine forest. Vagabond's camp is just on its border.

Talk to Jinko maid on the second floor of the mansion.

Как выполнить миссию с хрустальной пещерой и где найти одежду Мико? Помогите пж!!

Well, as far as I can understand... Miko's dress is in the deep mine's labyrinth zone just like Ayane and the hint says.

I'm not sure what "crystal cave mission" are you referring to but most likely it's the same deep mine zone. Just find Sarana and beat her, then return to Hanako in the temple.

Help me!

Well, what's the problem? Use the workshop in the castle for repairs.

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hi, i really like the game 

so.... how i get in this cave,i don not know ( i am playing the 1.15 version with 97%  content clear )

It's just part of the decorations. Idris needed a place to live normally without freezing her ass in the wilds.


How do you get the code for the catman mountain puzzle?

I am also unable to get the Titania Domination Scene, I have a lust level of 86, and just can't get it to trigger.

I have the same problem too! Also I don't know how to learn lust bolt

99% of the skills are learned from dresses. You need Maneater dress for the lust bolt.

Just checked it out and it works fine. This domi scene has the same requirements as all others - you can use only lewd offensive skills to trigger the domi scene.

The code is in the same puzzle zone - check the surroundings.


I‘ve bought your game today on steam (on Mac btw) and as I was playing I noticed that some h scenes weren’t shown (not in the gallery or anywhere), they were like just skipped. You could see how something was skipped when you were defeated and I don’t think there is a problem with my settings because some other h scenes were actually shown.

Because of that i would like to ask if there is a solution for this problem.

thank you

Thanks for your support! As for your problem, it could be correct work from "Watched Scenes" option. You can check it's setting in the options menu. If it's set to "Skip" value, you will see a single frame and 1-2 text blocks after getting an H scene if you already watched it. Try setting this option to "Watch" and check if the problem is gone. You can read more about special options and features here.

If this is not your case, I need more info to look into it. Which scenes are giving you trouble? By "skipped' you mean that you can see only a single frame from the scene and 1-2 blocks of text, right?

Thanks for the reply,

I did it like you said and changed my settings but it didn’t solve the problem. And I do not see anything from the h scene when I’m defeated, the screen goes black for a moment. Then I see the “location” where I am in, after that the screen goes black again and then I get kicked out of this location I were in. Exactly as I would experience a h scene but without the scene.

I am not so far in the game, so I didn’t experience that much h scenes, the h scenes with the problems are the skeleton scenes and the fairy scenes. On Top of that they aren’t even in the Gallery as locked or something.

Oh, I see. Skeletons never had an H scene - they are just a bunch of bones :P Leary's scene got cut since Steam considered her a minor character. So, in both cases, the logic worked fine for the Steam version.

I'm planning to prepare a conversion pack to turn Steam version into the regular one. This will allow you to see Leary's scenes after the mod.

Ahhh thanks haha

I was just confused because Leary‘s scene was first locked in the gallery and then disappeared suddenly.

i have one question: where do i find focusing crystals,is it in the crystal cave with a drop rate ????? thank you

oh i didn't got them but i did what i want so all is good

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Four questions. 

1. Is there a way to decease the Slutness stat?

2. How to get the Normal scenes for most of the enemies?

3. What is "Mansion - Tied Up"?

4. How to do the Normal versions of "Maid Job" and "Mansion Duo"?

Also any good strategies for the battle with Yorna?

You can decrease Ada's lewd level with herbal tea. You can buy it from Sand Town's oracle temple after advancing the plot far enough.

Well, you get normal scenes by default before reaching a certain lewd level's threshold. After this, you'll get lewd variations. This is true for both combat and mansion scenes.

Baron's mansion has a cellar and it's one of the H scenes from it.

There's no correct strategy for Yorna, just adapt your current build and get more magic defense is the incoming damage is too high.

Im stuck at the start of the Game when i have to get the Mothercare but when i try to get it i have to fight against the fairy but i cannot kill her either she heals herself or she outdamages me. Pls can someone say me how I can do it?

Okay did it

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How can i travel To the new ISLAND?  PLZ 

Answer Me PLZ😓😓😭😭

You'll get there by advancing the main plot. After this, you can use a green orb in Ada's room to teleport between islands.

how do i get warm /cold clothes for the desert and winter area's?


You don't need clothes for these zones - just advance the main plot. You can use the help function from the on-map menu and Ada will tell you what you need to do.

Currently stuck here on Android, at 59% completion rate.

I know when I talked to Ayane she said she gave me a butterfly to help guide me, but I have no idea where the this Butterfly is.

Help Please?

Step inside the leafy forest on the global map North of Ayane's pine forest, it's just before the river and there's a tent right in front of it.

where is that cave and what cave?

There's only one cave above the desert region on the map and it's cleverly camouflaged as a giant hole in the mountain. I'm sure you can find it.

Help me please where this must go

Unsurprisingly enough, you need to talk with Hanako the white kitsune in her temple at Ikko island.

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   thank you in advance for helping me to complete the story quest but I have one more problem which is how to complete this quest event

It's beyond me why people ask the dev instead of exploring the game's world even if the game directly tells them what they need to do...

There's only one camp on the first island marked with a tent and you can see it above the text block. Inside the camp, there's only one pot over the fire. Bring 10 red herbs to it and Ada will make the required medicine.

I have 2 questions

1.Which is the best blade bloodythirster,wage,edge of wisdom?

2.Where can I find spellword blade ?

There's no best option. Pick one that suits your playstyle. Spellsword is one of the options you can pick from the puzzle sword after collecting all 3 pieces and reforging it. After this use the lab for upgrades.

Thx sir 👍

where im can find fire essence or go?

The desert. Climb down the roots. There's only one zone with the roots in the desert.

What i must do and where?

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You are looking at the tent - this is the vagabond camp. It also says so in the map description.

where im can find pelt?

You can find them in some hidden caches, get them as a rare drop from Jinko enemies in the pine forest. Also, you can win pelts at cards if you'll play with the bored hunter in the lumberjack's village.

where im can find pelt?

where do you get feathers?

You can harvest them from some bird nests and buy them at Sand Town's bazaar.


You need a map with tentacle girls. Extracts either drop from them or can be harvested from resource nodes in the zone.

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Well, the hint is already guiding you to the baron and his mansion. Talk to the tiger girl on the second floor.

I just lost all my save progress is there a way I can fix that????

Well, the most logical option will be to copy your entire save folder from the previous release into the new one. Just as I recommend doing with each update.

Moreover, how did you lose it?

I actually dont know I was just playing it and it froze up and when I reopened it I had lost all of my progress

This sounds like a serious issue. Do you use Itch client to launch Yorna and synch with new updates? If so, you may want to consider contacting support. This is the first time a player got such a problem and it may be tied to the launcher.

Since the last public update was the same as always, I don't have any ideas about the cause.

How does one copy their save to the newest version

Navigate into the www folder in your older release and copy it into the new one. That's it. You'll need the entire flder because some global variables are stored in common files.

I dont see a www folder in the files (I am on mac, using the itch client) 

In Mac's case the saves go into\Contents\Resources\app.nw

Okay, I'm writing this from my memory since I don't have Mac on hand.

Use the finder and use go to folder option. Type in /Applications (should be the real location of Yorna. If you used my recommendations it should be here) and find the game. Right click on the icon and choose "Show Package Contents". Navigate the new window to find the save folder (should be inside Contents\Resources\app.nw) and copy it somewhere else. Install the new release and, using the same way as before, place the save folder into the new release.

I'm pretty sure there are more convinient ways to do this but I'm not a Mac user so I just descrived what I did during the test runs in the past.

I don't know where to go. It's telling me to talk to the shopkeepers but none of them say anything of note. It's telling me to find the nuns but I can only find one. I already defeated the fairy. Where do I go?

Talk to the village alchemist but it's an optional quest. Nuns are in different peaceful zones like towns and villages.

how do you find yorna save progress on android? I searched everywhere but could not find the save progress yorna on Android

Sorry, can’t help you there. It’s technically possible to transfer the saves yet this involves root access. I decided not to write any guides on this since something may go wrong by chance and tempering with root access voids most warranty cases.

How to solve orb puzzle on Ikko island?

Transfer all orbs on the rightmost "pole". Pay attention to the orb's vertical position. Orbs with lower vertical position can't go onto the pole with an orb with a higher position already there. It's a version of Hanoi Towers.

Deleted 19 days ago

Just like any other enemy. You may want to reduce Ada's lewd level to receive less damage from lewd attacks or get more magical defense.

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