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cool to see this game here, its honestly one of the best RPGM titles in the adult gaming space

Thanks! Consider leaving a rating so more players could find Yorna ^^

How can I decrease slut levels in order to equip the priest dress?

Use the herbal tea from the Sand town's temple.

holy shit lust bolt at 1.5k slut level hits the damage limit of 999 lmao

Makes sense since the 1500 slut level was not planned and is not achievable by playing the game normally.

Hello, im having an issue where the game freezes or pauses or something after I beat a monster in the first level. right before the exp bar. 

Hi. Shouldn't be happening, make sure the game was fully downloaded and your antivirus software is not going overboard.

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i redownloaded it twice and added the exe as an exclusion to windows security. its unfortunately still happening. 

I emailed you about the same issue, is there anything I can send you to help you help me?

like a video of the issue?

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i tried completely disabling my antiviras. still no luck. I just defeat a plant monster and then it freezes on the forest background.

i may have fixed it. thank you for the game! 

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what is the order of numbers for the riddles in Chilly Ridge - Cave?

Like what should i insert the number? 1234, 4321? I'm confused, i got no hint.

After the 14th walkthrough, which is getting the Miko Dress, after that we must go to the Icy Mountain to purify, but there is no walkthrough in that map, it just skipped to the 15th walkthrough which is getting the purple ring. There is no walkthrough in the Icy Mountain.

The ladder has the answer. The number order is the same as how the numbers on the ladder are.


Good job on the soviet march lol you're a man of culture I see

Hi, I am playing on an Macbook M1. "ESC" key does nothing, I can't go back in the menus for some reason, is there a way to change keybinds?

Hello. Yes, you can rebind keys in the options. Also, right mouse click serves the same function as escape key by default

so when i save and exit and play it later my save isnt there is there another way to save 

Hi. This means the game can't make or update a save file. Either your active user doesn't have rights to write and execute for the game's folder and its subfolders or there's some kind of proactive antivirus software that goes overboard.

i figured what was wrong with it and thanks for helping

i have played this game on the website years ago and i would like to say your game is amazing.but now I want to know how to register kernel32.dll,i can’t play Yorna without it.Error on windows xp

Heya! Glad you liked the game - consider leaving a rating so more people could find it.

As for the error, it's pretty strange Windows platforms shouldn't have any problems like that. RPG Maker MV has everything it needs to run a game without any 3rd party dlls or something like that. I would check your antivirus software and make sure the game doesn't have any blocked files and maybe add it to the exceptions.

Also, as a side thought, if you are using Itch's downloader maybe it's worth a shot to download the game manually and unzip it yourself. You can transfer your progress by copying your entire save folder into a different release, so you won't lose any progress.

great game very good story i loved the progression but the final yorna boss is a whole other level i have an mp set edge of wisdom and wisdom crystal and lotus armor with my lvl i am 100mp and 240hp but i still get 2 shot any tips (btw this set swept every boss i fought out of existence)


Glad you liked the game ^^ My guess is simple - you made Ada too lewd. Higher lewd levels increase both incoming and outgoing lewd damage, so you may want to visit the Sand town and use some herbal tea from the temple. Also, don't forget to use healing magic/potions to keep your hp closer to the max.

Deleted 3 days ago

Hmm, that's pretty strange. Does this happen on special occasions or any time you try to enter it? Any errors on the screen?

I'll look into this after releasing the next update for Mongirl Expedition.

Deleted 3 days ago

how do i get the domination scenes? i dont have any of them

Use only domination skills to defeat enemies as the skills description suggests. Lust bolt and Seduce are the main options.

ok. will try that in my playthroug

How can I get the chests in the cave tunnels so you can get into the desert zone? Pls I really need help.

You don't need chests to get to the desert zone. Just beat Gabby the oni, the exit is right behind her.

Whenever I end up getting fucked by a monster I only get the slutty version of the scene, is there any way to get the other one as well?

You made Ada too lewd. Bosses drop unlocks after defeating them. Use these to get both options for their scenes.

Hey Yeehaw Games I loved the game. I only have one question. How many endings are in the game?

Hi, glad you liked it. Yorna has 3 endings.

WAit tHerE aRe EndINGs?

Hi. I am sorry for insist but. How much slut levels I need for each ending? (because I was sure with slut at 69 I would unlocked another ending but It is seems I am not xD)

Heya. 69 was more of a joke, to be honest. 15 is required for the most corrupted ending.

I got the normal (any slut level) and the most corrupt one. How I get the 3 th one?

Can you work at the 3th floor of the mansion

No, it's a special zone for a special one-time scene.

The gameover h-scene with Calista appears to be busted. As I've had it crash on me at least twice now. Where there's no dialog, I can't continue, the game is just stuck. 

Sent me your entire save folder, but it looks strange that others didn't report this so far

did i break some sequence or got one removed?
1) got the invitation to work at the mansion
2) explored it a bit and went into the cellar
3) looked at the upper left door and immediately started the scene without having gotten the maid uniform or doing the "job interview"
4) now I can work in the mansion on the upper floor and 2 out of 4 rooms in the cellar but having NOT gotten the scene with the mansion owner first like I did when I played some years ago and the two rooms in the cellar are still locked? - and there is just always a guard in front of the mansion's highest floor
5) going by the ingame help section the the vagabond abducting monster girls scene should have been on hold till the sister was saved but got the 2nd last step unlocked before that and had just wait for her sister to start the raid at the camp

PS: when you take the clothes off EVERY npc with a line of text reacting to it appears even if it shouldn't be there right now
and when you put the clothes back on they immediately dissapear again
i.e.: the bee girl in the stronghold's garden, her sister in the laboratory, a merchant in the stronghold, etc...

Hey, I remember that the Steam version lacks the fairy scenes.

And there was one discussion talking about a patch being worked on.

It said it was gonna be on this site, but I cannot find it.

Was the plan abandoned or is it just not done yet?

Am I better off just downloading the version?

And before anyone asks, I bought the Steam version before it's store page was deleted.

Did you try the FAQ section?

Thanks :)


Is there a walkthrough?

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I found it while digging through the pateron page. 
P.S The person who wrote this walkthrough is dyslexic or a troll as things that say "west" are often to the east and vice versa. Otherwise the guide is fine, just expect a lot of "I thought you said weast" lol

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Hello, May I ask why steam page disappeared?  and see some Depot get removed on steamDB 7 days ago.

If you read up on some of their posts on the forums, they seem to imply that Steam took it down(presumably due to the 18+ content, which is bizarre considering the stuff that exists on the steam store right now) and aren't putting it back up even though they greenlit the new art? These posts are from 2020 too, so who knows what's going on.

It's a huge clusterfuck but I want to believe it will be over in about 3 months.

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Oh, That's sad. I was looking foward to your other game on steam. I guess that's impossible for now?

Not quite. I meant "over" as "resolved". At least I would like to think so, there are some changes to verify with Steam for Yorna, yet it seems these will be final. As for Mongirl Expedition, you can find it here.

Nice , Ty.

Hey, just finished the Nutaku version of the game and I really enjoyed it.

I'm just missing the Mansion Duo scene to have everything unlocked (well except for alternative endings and normal version of a few scenes).

Could I get an hint on where to find this one ? None of the npcs in the mansion seem to start any sort of event, all remaining doors are locked and the help menu doesn't do anything since I have no undergoing quest. I guess I missed something.


Heya, glad you like the game ^^ If I remember correctly, you need to get Ada pretty lewd and get access to the basement zone in the baron's mansion. Then, check out the doors on the lower row, one with the guard will offer a roleplay scene where two guests will "punish" Ada in a maid's uniform.

Thanks for the answer :)

Hello. Liking the game so far. I just finished grabbing all of the crystals and making the portal to the next area. I noticed that I had a few outfits I hadn't maxed out yet and couldn't equip them. Is there a way to reduce your Slut level at all?

Heya! The Sand Town's temple sells herbal tea for this. If it's not available yet, just advance the main storyline further. Though, it should be available at the step you are on.

I eventually found that out. I'm now back tracking to find any kind of secrets that I missed and remembered the geomancer stashes in the first forest with the plants. I'm well into the second island and still haven't found the way to open those. Is the way to open those end game or did I miss something

Floating crystals in the same zone.

hey there developer. i've just played your game and i got to say your game is really amazing. but i just encounter an issue regarding saving serena mission. you see, right now, i'm in a mission where i should go to the portal made by the foxgirl at the shrine in order to save serena and i've done it. 

but then here comes the issue. after that mission, the story ask me to get the water crystal located at mortimor tower (tower in the snow location) and i did it. the problem is, when i tried to talk to the foxgirl, instead of continue on with the water crystal, the mission where she opened the portal (the same portal in the previous mission which is used to save serena) again and the mission reset back to save serena eventhough i've done it. heck! even the main character (ada was it?) even said that she doesn't has business when i tried to enter the portal inside the cultist lair.

i don't know if it's happen to only me or not. i play the game with joiplay and i kind of mess with the item (the only thing i mess is adding herbs and item required for construction and nothing else). but i don't really think that would be the case.

Hi. The water crystal part comes before rescuing Serena and there's no way to skip some parts of the main story. Serena's rescue is a one-shot battle; after defeating her in combat, you can't return to that zone again.

I don't know how, what and why you changed in your save files, but it screwed up the game progression. It's a game-breaking bug and after two years from the release, I would've heard about this from other players. Since it's the first time I have seen something a mention about this, I can make an educated guess that it's a problem with your editing.

hmm, okay then. actually, i tried to play the save game from before i tried to mess with the game and it probably working. in this save file i was asked to get the essence of some sort to tame or get the fire crystal after i met serena for the first time in the cult lairs. compared to the first save file i played, this new save i play seems to have the fire crystal quest. is this how the story supposed to go?

note:  sorry, maybe my explanation there is a bit confusing. what i mean is the first save file that i played (the file i played for the fist time) didn't have the fire crystal quest while in my second save file, i get the fire crystal mission after meeting serena for the first time in the cult lair. do i manage to fix the storyline?

Yes, the first crystal should be the fire one in the desert zone. You'll get one for each magic element before going to Serena's rescue.

oh yes! Finally. Just one more thing do you know where to get the crystal that will be used to get the imprint on gabby or leary? I kind of messing with the joiplay cheat system to get the crystal and i don't know how to get them legitimately

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Crystals from ice caves will do just fine. You need one of the crystals you can see as the crafting reagents in your on-map menu, not some special kind. There are several places where you can get them.

Anyone know how to pass lava area puzzle?

Any idea how to get domination scene from monsters? I'm quite stuck at this part, please help 😞


Use only lust magic in combat like seduce or lust bolt. This is in spell's description

Hi, I need help with ada and baron scene, I have used all methods with clients but baron never calls ada......can you tell me the correct combination to make baron call ada.pretty please.

Hi. Get a present from one of the clients, then talk with the "reception" maid.

Hi, I finished the game and I have to say I really enjoyed it, very well done.
Also, may someone please tell me the name of the drawer for Lizzy scene? this is the one I liked the most. Tysm!

Glad you liked Yorna ^^ Consider leaving a rating so more players could find it.

MeoLucky drew Lizzy scenes. At least that was his tag at the time.

Thank You very much!

Any difference between this version and the one on nutaku?

This is a free demo. Nutaku's and Patreon's version has more content in version E4.

hey bro it's not updated anymore?


Yorna is a completed game and labeled as such. It's hilarious how people are so used to games being stuck in v0.0000001 for years, they can't fathom the game could be released with all planned content.

Agreed I am so annoyed that like 80% of games that i play on here which may be all adult games have like updates once every 3 months and are on version 0.3-0.5 and have been in development for a year

Is it really? I would be excited if it is. Last time I played I remember it told me to wait for the next chapter to be released or something like that. Does it still say that or does it have an ending?

Why it shouldn't be? Itch has the public demo but you can get the full version from my Patreon or Nutaku.

Oh great, I'll see if I can buy it after I fix something

Could you tell me where I can get the package code

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If you are talking about the gallery/shady guy code, it's a part of Patreon rewards. Namely, Master tier or higher.

What if I lost to True Yorna? Will I have a different ending?

No, losing doesn't affect the ending directly.

So what should I do to change it? I don't know this game have multiple endings or not.

I know this is a really late reply but to get a slightly different ending you need to increase your lust level. Dunno how high you need to get it though.

As far as I remember it's just one scene that's different tbh.

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Never mind this. I found out what I wanted.

Deleted 145 days ago
Deleted 145 days ago

The ending depends on your actions.

Deleted 145 days ago
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Hi, I want to know after defeat True Yorna mean the story end? This game is so great so fun to play.


Yes, that's the last part of the main quest.

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Hello I can't save 

It appear

Error: EISDIR: illegal operation on a directory, open 'C:\Program Files\s-t\4\Yorna_1_3_ 5_ Windows\www\save\common.rpgsave' 

please help me how to fixed this


Hi. This means the game can't make or update a save file. Either your active user doesn't have rights to write and execute for the game's folder and its subfolders or there's some kind of proactive antivirus software that goes overboard.

If it's the first option, increase your user's rights for the folder and its subfolders via the properties menu. If it's the second option, add the game's folder to the white/ignore list.

Thanks. This game was fun I love this game. Just 2 days I played 10 hours already.

Glad you liked the game ^^ Consider leaving a rating so more players could find it.

Hi! Great game so far. Sorry for the stupid question but i'm stuck.

I finished the part with the mansion and the baron (did it with the clients and the baron himself too) but now I'm stuck. It says I'm supposed to talk to the shopkeepers but none do anything special.

Heya! If I remember this correctly, it's optional to do that. You can move into the cave zone to the left of the ruined castle after you finish the first quest with Leary in the forest. There's a small road tile leading to the interactive mountain zone that will lead you to Gabby's lair.

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How exactly can I beat Leary? Is there something I'm missing?

EDIT: Nevermind, I was able to do it! The trick was buying an MP potion so I could keep spamming the fire abilities. Thanks for the short reply!

Yeah, one of the ways to do this. Also, check out the treasure maps. Generally speaking, stuff from these will help you a lot.

Hello there.

how can you low the lust level?

Herbal tea from the Sand Town's temple

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