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Kira is among the chosen few who enjoy life inside the Core part of the N city. Yet at one fateful day, her whole life turns upside down and she finds herself on the street with an offer from a gang which she can’t refuse. Will she cope with the situation and get her revenge?

Become part of N city’s criminal underground, take part in power struggles and intrigues to become stronger. Gain allies to build a trusted team and overcome all obstacles to get your sweet payback.

Ouro’s story unfolds in a cyberpunk setting inspired by classic stories and newcomers alike. The game features fully animated H scenes along with crafting and gear customizing so you could make a build fitting your playstyle. Will you become a merciless gunslinger or ghost-like hacker? It’s up to you!


Don’t mind the quality – gif compression makes everything horrible. The single purpose of this pic is to catch your attention about animated H scenes :)

The public version will be available on December 5th. You can check the latest release info in this post. Don’t want to wait? Get the last version on the Patreon!

Ouro has a number of special controls for in-game features. You can check a quick summary here.

Depending on your operation system, the game may need additional preparation to execute properly. Here are guides for MacOS and Linux. Windows doesn’t need any extras to run.

Pairings: FxM, FxF. Kinks: straight, yuri, toys, no openings go to waste – from blowjobs to group sex.


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Ouro_v0_2_Linux.tgz 377 MB
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How can i set up the 100% save files?

I'm not sure what "set up" means in this context. What do you want to do exactly?

Are there any unavoidable scenes?

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Nope. You can finish all the main content without seeing a single H scene if you wish to do so. Even Gadget's scene in the club can be skipped if you'll get hammered with wine.

Only one scene is forced but it's in the optional quest line with Sarana.

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Thank you!Gadget's scene was what I was looking for!
P.S. Do you plan on making a revenge on Sarana scene?

It was planned, yes. You may have missed the news but Ouro is put on hold while I go back to Yorna. So, it may be quite a while before the next content pack for Ouro.

My save file from the previous version (0.1) seems to have been replaced with a version Ver 0.05 save file.
Saving a new file seems to save a version 0 save file, without the "Ver " before it.
The game came with four Ver 0.05 save files, including the one that overwrote mine:
File 13
File 28
File 29
File 30

I'm going to assume File 28, File 29, and File 30 are autosaves, given my experience with Yorna. But, what about File 13?

I'm not sure what you are talking about. Both Itch and Patreon public releases don't have any save files so I'm puzzled about all these numbers. What version do you use and where did you download it?

Besides, Ouro doesn't have a save auto-replacement mechanic. This is done manually. Maybe you somehow mixed up the releases?

The version is the itch desktop client version.
The save files were all there the first time I downloaded it, except maybe the File 13 save. However, if my save wasn't overwritten, it was just erased.
But the saves I mentioned had come with the current version, or the version before it, though I'm certain I overwrote File 30 the first time I played, as I tend to use the last save slot I am able to write to, a habit I developed to prevent people from accidentally overwriting my saves back when games defaulted to highlighting the very first save slot when saving.
There is one other person that uses this PC, though they save from the top down, and only the four save slots I previously mentioned were used, so they arent my roomie's saves.

Double check that you didn't include save files in the archive.
I should also note that I've never used 0.05, since I started with the version just prior to the recent update, to my knowledge.

In any case, thank you for attempting to assist.
My recent save is in slot one, since I had no idea where to save when I started over after the bottom slots had been occupied by the default saves.
I can take screenshots of the save\load screen showing the aformentiond save data for the four preloaded saves, if you want to see them.

Slots 29 and 30 are reserved for the autosave feature. The game makes a save into the 30th slot each time you change a zone/map. 29th is used each time you talk with Freak so you could load to the point before you went on the story mission. All other slots are open for use. I don't know how you've got 27th, 28th or any other saves via Itch.

I even looked up archived versions of v0.1. There are two of them since I made a hotfix. This is the first one and this is the second one. dated 15.12 and 19.12 respectfully. Both don't have any save files in the game folder so it's beyond my understanding how you got these weird saves through Itch's installer.

Anyway, if your save files were overwritten the only way you can get them back is through file restoring utilities and software like Acronis yet I'm not sure if it will be easier to just start over.

Thanks, that will be useful to know about autosaving.
I'm not at all sure where the save files came from, but their  variables certainly don't match that of a current save…

Irregardless, thank you all the same. Continue your work on these great games.

Sorry but how can I pass the crack the data stick1 mission? I have multitool already but how do I crack it

Interact with the multitool. It appears in the corner, close to Kira's PC once you buy it. After initial setup (the first interaction where Kira comments "everything's ready now I just need a data stick"), you can use it to fiddle with Onyx's cartridges. Simply interact with the multitool and you'll get into the puzzle zone. Solve it, grab the loot and get your reward from Onyx.

A suggestion I have is to have conversations that happen over securelink be more distinguishable. Having freak just start talking to you out of the blue can be confusing. Maybe you can make their portrait have a static overlay to signify that the other person is talking thoeugh securelink?

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For anyone having trouble figuring out the puzzle in the burglary mission, here's a hint (kinda spoliers): just make the numbers you can change in each row add up to the numbers on the ends. It can get tricky considering you've got two sets of number you have to make the numbers add up to.

Do you have any hints for how to solve the hacking puzzle for the safe in the burglary mission? I don't think I've seen that kind of puzzle before and have no idea what to do.

Yes, there is a question mark in a comic bubble towards the right lower corner. You can interact with it and Kira will remind you the hints.

Figured it out, thanks.

Is this game for guys or for girls?

Both actually. It's more about your kinks and story preferences rather than gender.

A question on the Hacking. Would it be possible to get a thing in game to repeat the explanation on how it works?

As is, While I like the puzzle aspect of it, I end up having to brute force the puzzle cause I'm not sure what I'm not understanding about it.

You can practice on Wrench's notebook - just ask him about it after finishing the club part of the tutorial. You can read about hacking in the FAQ.

Depending on the device’s protection strength, the number of said options increases. Regardless, one of them is the correct password and you need to find out which one it is by checking how many symbols match between the right answer and the one you picked. Planning ahead is the key.

So, as an example, the notebook has simple and sample in the options. Picking one of them will tell you that only 3 symbols match with the correct password while both words have more in common. This means both are wrong and you need to check other possibilities. This time it's quite easy but you can encounter trickier situations. Just separate options by "look-alike" groups and check them one by one.

Reading the Faq cleared it up enough, but I did initially try Wrenches notebook refresher, except that since it was the same puzzle answer I could pass it by using the same option every time (which I did like three times since I sometimes misclicked into it) and thus really didn't understand anything.

I'm not sure how hard it is to do, but if you added in like one or two test puzzles, I think it'd help a lot for helping folks understand better.*

*Probably something for far later, but It'd actually be kinda neat to see an extended hacking sidemission/game thing. Break Codes for cash or something. Probably wouldn't be tenable repeatable like unless you had some kind of randomizing thing, and as mentioned I have no idea how hard it is to put these puzzles together.

Where can I find the discord?

Sorry for the late answer. Patreon should automaticly add it to your Discord channels. If for some reason it didn't, you can use this link.

is there combat ? or Dialogue only ?

There’s only optional combat in the sewers in the intro section. Proper missions will arrive with v0.1.

cool no worries.. thank you 

Itty bitty inconsistancy:

🤔 I'm not sure… let me think on that…

Additionally, when Doctor Guts is first mentioned by Freak, they say Docto Guts.

Thanks for the info! I already fixed the girl but the typo ducked under my radars. WIll fix it in upcoming v0.1

Much welcome.