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i can't beat yorna  and I can't find desnosa 

Well, just like in any other game, try a different approach and improve your gear. Dresses give Ada new skills after mastering them - check your build and adjust it accordingly to the situation.

Thk i win

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what you do when you defeat yorna the boss ? and how the password from shy guy at your castle? 

After defeating Yorna you can proceed with the story and go to the new island. Use the help function on the on-map menu if you don't know what to do.

The shady guy password is a part of Master's or greater reward tier on my Patreon.

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how do you lower your Slutness? because mine is 20 and to be below 6 because of a armor requirement

You can do it with herbal tea from Desert Town. After advancing plot far enough, talk with the cleric in the temple to buy the tea.

Where can I get the Spellblade? The first blacksmith say he won'y make it, none of the other blacksmith have the option about magic item. I beaten Yorna and have no idea what to do. I have the option to upgrade the spell blade in my castle, but don't know where to get the base weapon.

It's the puzzle blade you can craft from 3 pieces. Talk to the Desert Town's blacksmith for reforging, then visit your castle's lab to choose the stats for it. You can do this only once.

How do I craft the pieces and where do I start?

Well, solve puzzles and get pieces. Try exploring the game - it's part of the experience.

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Im still missing 5% of completion in 1.0.5. I completed the Nun Sidequest, all the maps, got all the gallery, Maid stuff, all monster stuff in the castle, and the camp. I still don't have the faintest Idea what I'm missing. I also did all the hidden puzzles. Help?

If you already completed vagabond's camp, the only thing left to do is a mini-quest for the village alchemist in the first village close to the castle and reforging the puzzle sword from 3 pieces.

Never heard of it,  but I think I did it, but I'll try checking that. 

I tried talking to her multiple times, and asked about business, and they said they might need materials later, what do I need to do about that?

If the alchemist is selling lust drafts, this means you already did this quest.

If not, check out the cave with skeletons, it's in the Northern part of the desert. In the last room there, you'll find a letter envelope - try picking it up and Ada will find the quest item for the alchemist.

Yeah they are selling lust drafts. I had 96% when it was 1.0.0, so I'm missing something from then. 

Well, time to continue searching.

Sorry, that's all I can remember aside from the activities you already did >< I was working on Yorna for 2 years and this is a lot of time.

what do I do?


Well, just as Ada says, you need to follow Ayane into the kitsune shrine on Ikko island. It's the new zone where you sailed into the cutscene. You can get back via the teleport in Ada's room - just where you popped up then you used the portal in the first place.

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Thx I feel stupid it took me hours and hours I totally forgot the green orb in the room I'm sorry for wasting your own time

I request a password

Press "Sun" button Press "Skull" button Press "Candle" button Press "Mountain" button

What is  answer of this puzzle 

Use the books in the room to find the right sequence.  There's only one fully maching the symbols on the altar so it's not that hard. Some players just don't pay attention to the books. If it's still a problem - contact me and I'll post the full solution.


Someone can give me password shady man? Pls x||

Is there anything after "I need to follow Ayane to the local fox shrine"? I beat the last boss and went to the beach. There was a cut scene and I ended up in the fox shrine, but the dress collection didn't unlock.

Since I'm adding new dresses, the updated version will be available after addon's content. Just like it was in the "vanilla" Yorna. In other words, it will be available after you'll clear the new ending. 

Players who unlocked it earlier will have access to the old version of the dress collection scene and it will update with the last content pack for the addon.

I defeated the last boss of the game but the ending scene didn't happen and I can't unlock the dress scene. How to trigger the ending? Or should I start again? Also how much "sex exp" you need to increase the sex level? I'm currently at 10 and no matter how many times I surrender to Minotaurs it doesn't go up. Sorry for the long post.

Well, most likely you are playing v1.05 and fighting Yorna is not the end of the story there. Check out the help function from the "on-map" menu if you somehow managed to miss Ada's comments after the battle. 

The more you spam a single type of lewd skill, the less it will give towards the lewd level progression. So, upgrade other lewd skills or use potions from vendors to increase/decrease lewd level.

Yes it is v1.05. I did the sea thing and went to the island, Ada says something about showing the new character something in the next update. And when I talk to her she says you are not ready. Thanks for the reply.

Right, this means you cleared the story content for this update. The help function is really helpful if you aren't sure about the main activities.

Nice. One last question since I haven't seen anything about that in any post. What is the maximum level Ada can get? From killing monsters.

I sum up all the changes in changelog posts like this one. As for the level, the maximum is set to 69 but you don't need to power level since there are no level restrictions in Yorna.

How do I unlock some of the normal scenes? I noticed that I don't have a lot of normal scenes and im guessing it has something to do with the lewd level, but I don't know how to change it.


Scenes you get depend on Ada's lewd level at the time of losing the fight/getting the scene. You can decrease it with herbal tea from the Sand Town or increase it with a lust draft from the first village close to the castle. Check the oracle's lodge and alchemist respectively.

Thanks for the fast reply/explenation.

Also i need to start game over i finished game in 1.3 and when i downloaded 1.5 i needed to play over again i hope that dosent happen in next update

You don't need to start over - save files are fully compatible. I wrote this in the release notes and don't know where did you get this strange idea.

i needed to i could not go on continue

It works the same way as all previous releases. Copy your entire save folder from the older release into the new one then start the new release. It will recognize your saves and allow to use them. It would be extremely inconvenient to start over each month.

Yea i got it thx 

I got this typeerror when I went back to the main island to farm gargoyles for sp can you see if this can be fixed please?
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Hmm, this is very strange since I didn't change the old content almost at all.  How did you get the error? What happened before it occured? Also, which version do you use?

I am on the latest public version 1.05 and what happened before was that I travelled to the other island with Ayane and went to the other fox shrine and fought Hanako and went through the rest of the feast event. Afterwards, I went back to the first island and synthesized the prophet's garb and formal wear and went to the area with gargoyles to fight for sp. I defeated the first one fine but when i fought the second one the error happened. I maxed out the sp fighting jinkos after i reloaded the game and I did not go back to the gargoyle area.

Hmm, I can't reproduce the problem on my side. Anything will do. Since I can't catch the error on my side, perhaps there are some clues in the game's files/generated error logs.

Can you please upload your entire game client somewhere like Google Drive or Mega?

How do I do that? I'm playing on android btw

I'm afraid it's not an option for the Android platform. Well, I'll run more tests but tech-wise your first encounter with gargoyles isn't any different from the second one. The function from error text is checking which options are available to the player and it's common for all battles.

It's the first time I see this error after hours of gameplay both on my side and other players. It looks like a weird screw-up on RPG Maker's side but I'll double-check the logic for mobile devices.

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How can I get Mansion-Tied up scenes? I can't find it at all.

In the mansion's basement.

idk why but i get stuck on the quest when i need to follo Ayane to the fox temple i dk where i need to follow her i cantr find her nowhere

Just get to the temple.

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i get to the tempel like thats the last bit of the game i went on a beach sea is normal i go to the tempel and nothing i can do there. its sayis 97% content clear

why cant i get the maid dress on it says i need slut level or idk

You don't need slut level to craft or equip the maid dress. I don't know where did you get this idea.

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How can Ada have sex with the Baron? Is it randomly activated, or do we have to meet certain conditions? I got the scene once (after sex with one of the clients) but loaded the game to a previous point and not getting the scene again.

Also, who is Serena? (Description please)

You already unlocked the scene in the gallery and if you want to watch it again - using the gallery is the fastest way.

Serena is Ada's stepsister. Exploring the game is part of the overall experience, I'm not sure why you are asking the dev instead of discovering this yourself.

Sorry for the second part (it's hard to keep track of names when you play too many games).

Yes I unlocked the Baron scene in the gallery, but I reloaded the game to before I meet the Baron and not able to get it again within the game.

How do I get the dominant scenes? Already completed the game and I didn't get any of them

Defeat enemies only with lust magic like "Seduce" and "Lust Bolt" to get these.

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Hey, the underwater puzzle still doesn't work for me. I asked about this puzzle in the last version of Yorna. I can take the orb in the center of the row and can change the color but it won't let me place it back.

If Ada's commenting your attempt on placing the or with "No effect", this means you are trying to fit the incorrect orb. Try changing is color using the neighbor spheres as tips.

Thank you


I finished all contants at android so I want to backup my savefiles.

how can I do it?

Hi! You don't need to backup saves explicitly for future releases. After installing new apk, the game will still keep your progress across the versions.

If you want to extract save files to place them on other device, sorry, can’t help you there. It’s technically possible to transfer the saves somewhere else yet this involves root access. I decided not to write any guides on this since something may go wrong by chance and tempering with root access voids most warranty cases.

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I'm fully understand and thank you for made stunning game! xoxo


whats the password for the shady guy? and where do I get clothes for other climates?

It's a Master or greater tier reward on Patreon to unlock the whole gallery. There are no limited scenes so you can get them all by playing.

As for the climate zones, you don't need new clothes but rather master elements with Ayane's help. Just follow the main plot to do so. If stuck, check out the help function in the on-map menu.

Ah ok, that makes more sense

Help is not much help when it says to get fell essence and a fire element, yet I've never encountered either in the playthrough, and the way to the volcano area (where I assume fire is) is locked.

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How do I get the ceremonial dress?

Can't answer you since there's no ceremonial dress in the game at the moment. At least by this name.

I've beaten the story, completed all the sidequests (I think) and collected all the dresses and scenes in the gallery but it says I've cleared 91% of the content. how do I complete it? I want 100% since I liked the game so much but I'm stuck.  'help' option in menu desn't give me anything D:

Did you clear Octa church's questline and watched their scene in the confession zone? The same goes for vagabond's camp. Perhaps you missed something in the mansion? Also, did you reforge the puzzle sword from pieces?

yeah I cleared the vagabonds camp and octa church's questlines. The puzzle sword is companion right? if so I reforged it and I'm pretty sure I did everything in the mansion like getting the lower floor scenes and the one with baron. I think I may have missed a treasure or something. also, do I have every dress? I think I do but just to be sure lol

Hmm... What about the alchemist's quest in the first village close to Ada's castle? That's pretty much everything I can think of.

i did the quest to help her brew the lust draft but when I talk to her she says she's prepairing for some experimenting on her own and to ''check back later'' because maybe I can help with some ingredients. is this it?

No, that's actually the final phase of her quest. Hmm... Well, I can't actually remember all optional activities after all this time. Either way, you beat the game already.

I don't know how to get the fire essence lol which root do I need to climb down?

It was in the chest you already opened. Just talk with Ayane.

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how do i get alchemist's potions?

After completing her quest.

I just wanted to point out that blackjack has dealer rules. The dealer takes cards as long as he is below 17.

It's a local version. I mean fireballs are fine, lightning strikes and instantaneous healing are ok but local blackjack is completely unbelievable, right? ^^

Yes that's unbelievable! Btw great game but i can't seem to find the last 5%. Is the regal dress and the priestress dress still in the game?

Yes, both dresses are in the game from the moment they were added. As for the clear %, check out secondary quests for vagabonds and the church, H mansion and the alchemist in the first village.

Just got a new tablet, any way to move my saves with android?

Sorry, can’t help you there. It’s technically possible to transfer the saves yet this involves root access. I decided not to write any guides on this since something may go wrong by chance and tempering with root access voids most warranty cases.

how do i get to Mortimer's tower?


The snowy region, past the mountains.

Why i cant find water essence, stuck more than 1 hour just to find it huhuhu

After defeating the succubus in the crystal cave, look for the glowing crystal in the boss room.

Thank you sir 4 info

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I am unable to download the 1.03 version of the game.

When I try to download it this happens.

I click on Install and...

The same thing happened with the 1.0c version of Yorna and I had to download the game off a zip file and play the game all over again. I love your game but I don't feel like playing it all over again just to see a few new scenes. Do you know how I can transfer save data between zip files?

Edit: just to let you know I'm on windows.

Well, I tried disabling and re-enabling dowload packs - try it out. If this won't fix the problem for you, I'm afraid contacting support will be the wisest move.

Yes, you can transfer save files via copying your entire save folder into the new release. I'm writing this info in each game release post.

What you did fixed the problem. Thank you.

I love this game

although I had got headache cuz 2hours+ I play for finding sand cave in early game hahaha,,,

I new here, I has just download this game yesterday n complete all story n unlock all scene now,,,

Thanks for ur hardwork <3

btw is there any game similar like this? 🤣🤣🤣

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hi wondering how do you get more of baron basement client scenes? if you even can

More? There are 2 H scenes in the basement and that's it. I'm not sure, what do you mean by "more"?

Ah, i thought the other rooms were something you could complete

Hi, just wondering about the significance of Mirena at the end? Who is she?

That would be a spoiler for Yorna's second part ^^. In short, there's a certain circle of mages who watches closely for potential candidates, even on different planes.

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How can I quickly raise my slutness level? 

 How do you get to level 69?

I'm not sure why you want to do this but you can use alchemist's potions to increase lewd level. But this will increase lewd damage taken from enemies.

I cant find any of the new things past 1.0 am I missing somethin

Well, that depends on what are you looking for exactly.

does someone knows which roots/vines to use to get the fire essense?

There's only 1 zone with a lot of roots/vines in the desert.

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