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I am stuck in the part where I’ve to talk with Mio, she says that she is tired and she has to relax. I can’t enter to the volcano or the ice place either. 

How should I continue?

If you are where I think you are you have to go find her teacher in the pine forest which is right below the vagabond camp and I think the lumberjack village, go to that forest and go down one area and then take a right and go through that path and walk into the temple courtyard and talk to Mio's teacher.

how to get the " vagabonds-raiju " scene ?

Complete vagabond's questline.

how ? i don't know how complete the quest

Talk with vagabond's leader and use the help funtion if you are stuck.

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How to you get into the 'lewd cave' in the Ice Peaks area?

You can't. The cave serves as a home for Raiju so she won't have to freeze her ass in the snow.

what is password for shady guy ?


The code is part of Master reward tier and above from the Patreon.


can somebody tell me exactly where the water crystal is? I can't find it also because I don't know where the cave is

Ayane the kitsune will open a portal on tower’s ground floor. Use it to get inside the crystal cave and explore the zone.

the dress to unlock lewd skill, when did it appear at diana's shop? What are the condition to make it appear? Thank

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You get one from a Sally the succubus after you defeat her in the crystal cave. The second dress (Wild Lotus) is available from Diana’s shop after you rescue Serena.

So not near the game start but after some play time. Thanks for the answer.

Hello there!! May i has a clue on how to get the Shady Guy's codes... am so curious to know what it is.

P. S. I love this game so much. 💓♥️❤️

Glad you liked Yorna. The code is part of Master reward tier and above from the Patreon.

Hey, is it possible to get rid of extra Fell Extract from the inventory? I can't sell it, and there doesn't seem to be a way to drop it. (Sorry, I like having a clean inventory!)

Err... No, looks like it doesn’t have a selling price so you can’t get rid of it. But, with all honesty, it shouldn’t bother you at all. It goes into the materials and key items inventory’s tab and you don’t need to interact with any of these items directly. Usable items are in ”Items” category.

Plus, it can be awkward if you sell all your crafting materials and unlock a new dress to make. In this case, you’ll need to get all the materials from scratch. Also, you will need fell extract for nun’s quest and the lab.

Just leave it there.

Ah, alright! Thanks!

zip isnt working(4 me) cant get it to start

What does ”isn’t working” and ”cant get it to start” mean? Just downloaded all 4 options simultaneously and all of them are ok. I don’t know what to say if you don’t give me any relevant information. Try downloading the game on Patreon?

nvm somehow its working now idk whats going on but it didnt work before when i try to start the game

Ok, just include relevant info in the futute. It's like visiting a doctor with only "It hurts" as a description of your problem - impossible to help without details.

how do I repair the bridge and what is the code next to the castle

Lumberjack’s village across the bridge once you get to it by a circuitous route via the mountain pass. The code is Patreon reward.

How do you unlock lewd skills? is it a certain dress?

Yeah, lewd skills are unlocked through dresses like any other skill in the game.

how can i get my advanced in the previous version and put it in the new version?

Check out the frequently asked questions post.

How do you get the "Domination" scene?

Win the battle using only offensive lust skills like "Seduce" and "Lust bolt"

i  cant vote but can u do  league of coruption i have ideas maby u can  think of adding 


can u make game downloadable on itch  and can u fix part where u have to restart when u update

Last time I tried uploading Yorna directly to Itch, players had problems with downloading the game. Guess I’ll give it another shot with the upcoming public release.

Saves are and were compatible among all versions from 0.5 to 1.0 - you don’t need to start over. Copy your save folder from an older release into the new one and continue with your adventure.

it workd  for me befo when u had on itch but when one of updates came  no longer worked

for those  who dont have a issue with it  on itch can u  have it for itch to  i  was fine till one of the updates then said not availible  if u can put   1.0 when its out for itch and one on one u been doing  that be good ill let u know if it works 


What I have to do next

Talk to the monster girl at the piano.

How you reach to this point

Where is the witch? It says to check Mortimer's tower but I can't find anything. Playing V.09

Check the rubble blocking the stairs up in the tower. Ada will sense a trace of teleportation magic and open it. Use the new portal to get inside the tower.

where do you find the 10 bottles of fell extract?

Tenta-girl den later in the game as drops and harvestable nodes.

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talked to ayane and she told me tame a flame spirit to her, and get it in the dessert, been all three maps, as well as the ruins, nothing, maybe i am missing a fourth area,  but i'm stuck.

Climb down the roots in the bridge-like section of the desert before the puzzle cave.

could ya screen shot it? still can't find it.

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its in desert area, after getting past first puzzle (the 4 square buttons to open the tomb like door) the chest is below the Bridge, use the vines to climb down, just climb down all them till you reach a chest (its roughly straight below it, to the left side) XD

Also, if you see the large puzzle in another cave you went too far

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Good game so far, though my game keeps crashing, its after picking up a letter in the Northern cave, it happens randomly after picking it up XD

Hmm... cant seem to enter the Cold/Hot areas of the map, done everything i can in game but not sure how to pass through those parts


Ayane the kitsune will instruct you on what you need to do. In short, to enter some areas Ada needs to tame elemental essences. For example, taming fire essence from the desert will allow you to enter the snowy mountain region.

Talk to her at the Fox Shrine (inside pine wood) and check the help menu if you forgot what do you need to do.

Will check out the letter.


I just wanted to add a few things,

 some of the items dont have descriptions on them so its hard to tell what they were for.

I think i bugged out the bandit camp as it says i need to talk to someone and yet i haven't saved them yet.

The letter has no mission attached to it (as far as i can tell) and has no information on it.

Some of the puzzles are insanely annoying, maybe add a help note hidden around or something, game sort of loses its pace when a puzzle shows up.

Some stats dont show, Luck, Dodge etc, will be cool to have a menu for those and effects also could be explained a little.

Thats all i wanted to add that might help. i do have a request/suggestion, add an option to change the Main characters bust size, if it was added that players can adjust how big/small they are it would be pretty cool. Also add Extra areas (like DLC) XD

Any ways thanks for the information and good luck on future projects.

Okay now its saying this:

Your profile can not be used because it is from a newer version of NW.js.

Some features may be unavailable. Please specify a different profile directory or use a newer version of NW.js.

so it crashes the game :/


I guess the items you mention are needed for quests, like the letter you mentioned from the abandoned hideout with skeletons. Sometimes you can pick them up before getting the quest. I made it possible so players wouldn’t need to visit same location twice just to fetch the item.

Most likely you hit the spot in vagabond’s quest line where you need to find who’s wiling to but the monster girls from them. Ada suspects the baron. So, just get to mansion’s second floor and find a monster girl there.

Extra stats are hidden in classic RPG Maker’s layout. Speed is the ability to do something before the enemy. Crit = more critical hits with greater damage. Dodge = chance to evade a physical attack.

No, Yorna won’t have customization aside from the on-map Ada’s picture with currently equipped dress. Since adding variety must affect scenes, each small change in Ada’s appearance must be reflected in all scenes. This means more frames, and this quickly spans out of control. It’s not impossible but with the current H scenes system, it’s not viable to due a huge workload. Plus, I think more people will appreciate animated scenes - working on them right now for the future project.

Yorna won’t have DLC packs because v1.0 will go public and remain free after that. EX version will receive new H scenes and a few mini-dialogues with monster girls and go on distribution platforms as I already mentioned in my dev plans post. Locking DLC behind a EX paywall is a dick move.

NW.js shouldn’t react to any kind of game interaction unless you made some changes inside the code and/or saves via cheat engines or something like this. If it’s not the case, download the last version from my Patreon and try again. Just checked the letter and it works fine.

Thank you for the long message, i might pick up the EX version later if i like the full release, yeah i understand why you cant  give players their personal choice on that sort of thing. The animated scenes, when they are added will that replace the text description as those are really well done in some places so its worth keeping those in if possible XD


No, I plan to make animated scenes with the text. The text block will be on top of the animation to provide the narrative and if you’ll want to check the action without obstruction - hit shift and the dialogue box will disappear. No further clicks will advance the scene before you un-hide it. The same logic as in Yorna.

The game refused to update through the itch desktop app, so I uninstalled it to try reinstalling the update fresh…
… And it said the install files were hosted on an incampatible website…

Itch acts strange during this update... Just download the game directly from my Patreon - I'll have direct download links there. Will look into Itch problems after v1.0 release.

Well, where did you upload the files for version 0.8a or whatever it was… 0.8.11a…? Something like that…

You've apparently changed where you are hosting the files…?

The old save files should still work on this new version, right…?

Actually, v0.9 is the last public version. Yes, I linked my Google Disk since Itch game me some errors on download. Yes, saves are compatible.

Okay, so itch desktop app doesn't like Google Drive(?) for some reason… strange.

Thank you for the information, I'll attempt to install it later.

game just hard-crashed my entire comp. files were missing.

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I just deleted the old files and linked them up from Patreon. Try using the new links and if the problem persists - contact me with more info.

Or you can just use Patreon directly.

I re-downloaded day of and it worked just fine- i think it was an error on my own PC. Thank you though.

You've made a great game, keep up the good work

will final update be for non patrons to  i dont wanna pay every month  i rather pay  a one time fee

when will it update again i finished recent update  but not compleated i missed stuff

for v9 download I cant extract files from folders

Hmm... The download stops halfway causing the file to become corrupt - just checked it out myself. Contacted the support, want to check with them first before re-uploading the files.

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I just deleted the old files and linked them up from Patreon. Try using the new links and if the problem persists - contact me with more info.

Or you can just use Patreon directly.

Where can I obtain pelts from?

Drops from jinko enemies in the pine forest, playing with a hunter in the lumberjack village and a few caches you can find with treasure maps.

Why does every time it crash I have to restart over , can you like add a way to keep saves after u close the game lol

Crash problem is fixed in 0.9a. You don't need to start over after each crash, just use saves.

Keep saves after closing the game? Why the usual saves or the autosave feature doesn't work for you?

We need more High Quality games like this :D

is the game finished??? I swear I played the whole game for like 3 or 4 times already XD

if the last monster girl is already included and the game can be 100 percent accomplished then please inform me QwQ

the last time I played was when I was already at 95% and the game then told me that that was the end of the game at the moment QwQ

please say that it's finished cuz it's already may 31 owo

Well, v0.8 is the current public version and soon (June 6th) v0.9 will go public. I plan to release v1.0 around June 15-16th for patrons and this will be the last update story-wise.

Yorna will get content updates before I will be ready to switch to the second game. I’ll post more info about this later, after v1.0 release.

As for the completion ratio, Ada makes comments like this if you already did all the available parts of the main story in the current update, that’s all. It helps players to understand if they ”beat” the new version or these’s something they’ve missed.

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excellent game!!

how do i get the "domination scenes"? grinding slut?

and please more male monsters  :D


Glad you like Yorna ^^ To get domination scenes you need to defeat enemies with lust magic only, skills like Lust Bolt and Seduce. Using anything else will net you a normal victory. Check the gallery to see which foes have domi events. You can find them at the bottom of the gallery.

Can't continue with pipe puzzle because they lack the audio file. Using v0.8 on android.

Sorry about this - the script didn’t pack some sound files for some reason. I’m working on this problem and will make a post tomorrow with more info.

If ever the next public and fixed version for android arrives, can I still load my save files from v0.8?

It will arrive by the usual schedule. Yes, saves will transfer into the new version.

found 3 files that failed to play, thought youd like to know 


Audio/se/purr.m4a Audio/bgm/mortimer_tower.m4a

Thanks for the tip, I fixed the tower bg, but not se in 0.9. Will work on it.

How do you get the chest in the sand cave behind the firewall



Maybe it's a very stupid question but I do not know where to find the talismans.
Can someone tell me where they are?

Do you mean equipment for Ada? You can buy, find or craft them just as other gear.

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thank you

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How do I repair the bridge? I've gotten to the point where I've rebuilt the house and even broght both the garden and bedroom upgrades. The only lead I've curantly got to go on is that I need to speak to the shop keepers which I've done many times at this point. I'm in built v08a Windows version, is this a know bug, is there a way to fix it, should I restart or instal a difrent version? Am I just missiong something obvious and manking a fool of my self?

Thanks for help in advance.

Try the cave in the western mountains 😉

Did you get into the desert region by going through the mountains? You can repair the bridge by talking to the lumberjack leader in the village, on the opposite side of the bridge.


is there a password for the Shady guy by the Castle love the game lookng forward for more updates From it


Glad you like the game. Shady guy's password is a reward from the Patreon. It's included in master and archmage tiers and allows to unlock the ful gallery for the update.

so yeehaw games, when will the last update be released? 

this might be a potentially stupid question :

You can check release waves on my Patreon. I'll always make posts like this so people would know the schedule.

oh ok! I'll goo check it out!

Deleted 341 days ago

I don't think you can dude. you need arrow keys and shit

There's an .apk, though....

no like ya need keys like esc., right? for the storage, settings, loot, etc. and what about the size? wouldn't it be such a hassle when the frame of the game is too small that you can't even pick your choice cuz the writings are too small?? [unless you gonna play in an ipad]

Just try it out. I added an extra button so you can use it to emulate hitting escape. Also, two-finger tap acts like the escape button too. Testers even said that Yorna looked better on mobile platforms rather on PC.


A message keeps popping up saying that there's an audio error in mortimer tower. How do I stop it from appearing. I love this game and can't wait to see more of it

This issue is fixed in v0.9

I have the fire easencea now what

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